shop-a-holic anonymous

well, okay… i hardly would say i’m a shop-a-holic. but it feels like that lately. which isn’t ideal – as we’re trying to save money.

but i have a walk-in closet filled with more clothes that are at least 1x’s to 3x’s too big. i had spent some energy and money to replace some pants that are too big than clothes that do fit. i did take advantage of some end-of-winter sales (for example, five dollar sweaters) for some fall/winter wear.

but now, spring and summer approaches.

a couple of nights ago,  i was not able to find a single shirt/blouse that matched my new red, pop-colour pants. i went through about FIVE tops – all just too baggy. i was getting pretty frustrated as i marched in to my closet, pulling another top to try on. and then another. by the fifth trip, my step was heavier and quicker with determination.

i finally settled for one blouse. the material is thin so while it is still too big, at least it drapes closer to my body for the illusion of a better fit.

meanwhile, hobbes just sat on the floor watching me walk by him a dozen or so times. his head turned to following me back and forth. he knew to stay out of my way since i was on a mission. but he was definitely a bit on edge sensing my frustration.

and so later on that night, these were ordered online… and none of the items were over $11!

old navy women's shirts

they are simple – easy enough for me to accessorize for casual wear or a day at the office (spring/summer wear, that is).

the problem is, now i want new jewellery!

it never ends, does it?

and i don’t love shopping. the issue is, i like to do things to completion. so, if i need a new wardrobe, it’s hard for me to stop just at a couple of purchases. i need to see things done to the end. i’m like that pretty much with everything i start.

though… okay, jewellery and shoes are probably one of my guilty pleasures. it’s much easier. with shoes, one size is one size. and i’ve been a size 7 since i was a teen. and necklaces, earrings (and fashion scarves, come to think of it) – one size fits all!


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