wish list for rings

antique and ornate rings

i want them all

a long time ago, i blogged about my ring collection – most of them were inherited.

when i started to wear some of these rings just on a daily basis, it changed my style and taste for when i browse through rings now.

i use to be the typical modern girl – clean lines, tiffany cut style… not that i could afford a tiffany-cut-anything… but anything ornate was too much! believe me, i still find those modern, less-is-more styles as gorgeous rings. besides, if some one was to offer me a free, tiffany-cut diamond ring, i would not complain.

still, when browsing for rings, mainly costume jewellery (diamonds and real gems are exquisite but i can’t afford the real stuff), i am inspired more by antique designs.

the above is a very short collection of rings i found on the internet – some are true antiques from the art deco and art nouveau period. some are inspired by such periods, recreated by a designer. either way, i love the intrinsic work put into each of them and would gladly find them a home on one of my fingers.

i’m not really a very ornate person with my home or my clothes. but when it comes to jewellery, i think it’s the one thing one can escape outside of one’s comfort zone. i tend to just wear one type of ornate jewellery piece at a time anyway. for example, if i have bold earrings, i will wear either a very simple necklace or none of all, so as to not be too busy and have each jewellery piece compete with one another. same with rings – i tend to just wear one ornate ring on one hand. the other hand might have a simple band or no ring at all.

i suppose they each get their turn in the spotlight. 🙂


2 thoughts on “wish list for rings

  1. For my wedding ring I didn’t go for simple like most guys do with the solid gold band around the finger. I went with a yellow gold-crafted ring with a white gold center piece shaped as a square. In the center of that rests a small diamond, enough to make the ring glitter. Love this ring! It’s non-conventional, but I still love it!

    By the way, love the corner ring on the top row from the right. Elegant and classy!

    • your wedding band sounds amazing! i love it when people go for the non-conventional. these days, i don’t wear my wedding band. it’s too big and i can’t be bothered to have it sized down. my engagement ring still fits and it’s a unique design but sticks out and gets in a way sometimes. i just pick whatever ring i feel like wearing and put it on my wedding ring finger!

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