why “the bachelor” makes me uneasy…

the bachelor 2014

last women standing

awhile ago, i confessed that i was hooked in this season’s the bachelor (juan pablo).

as we make our way to the season finale of team nikki v.s. team clare, of which spoiler news are already spilling the beans about who wins (and that it’s about the shortest relationship in bachelor history), i’ve been wondering what it is about the bachelor, aside from the obvious reasons, that just doesn’t sit well with me.

don’t get me wrong – i had fun. i really did. it’s guiltless pleasure to gossip about people you don’t really know.

but what gets me is how badly it portrays women. yes, yes – i know. some of these women are badly portrayed because they are, well, simply just bad themselves. surely, though, not all the women on this show are as catty as the producers and editors make them out to be. and i’m tired of how this show simply just gratifies AND glorifies the stereotype of women being so full of drama and ruthlessness with each other.

some are like that. but most of us, aren’t. and most of us would like to live in a world with less stereotypes, please.

week after week, i watch this show and i cringe at these catty moments. i do this because i know it’s feeding into these ideas society as a whole, showcases us women to be.

that said, i have to admit that it’s slim pickings now that it’s down to the final two. i’m not a fan of either of these two contestants but surprisingly, i actually prefer nikki.

clare’s one sister alone, the crazy one that wouldn’t let clare talk to her own mother during the hometown dates (what the hell was that about?) would have me running for the hills. who wants to marry into that family?

in the end, neither of these remaining two seem compatible with JP, though.


2 thoughts on “why “the bachelor” makes me uneasy…

    • i’m sure she’s not as bad as the show makes her out to be. 🙂 she’s probably very sweet but i just find her annoying because she’s a bit ‘airy’ when she talks. and she smiles so much it’s hard not to think she’s a bit of a fake.

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