go team canada! (sochi 2014)

2014 canada olympic red mittens

this morning, i woke up at 6:55 am, tuned our bedroom tv to CBC and waited for the gold medal men’s hockey game between sweden and canada. it would be our final hope for another gold to end our 3rd place finish overall in sochi 2014.

we had a somewhat more relaxing weekend. while we had planned initially to go skiing/snowboarding yesterday, the winds weren’t dying down enough to have made it ideal. instead, i went to my yoga class first thing in the morning, came home to take hobbes out for a walk with doug and chaeli, and then later on, went snowshoeing on the trails in the rouge park.

it was very relaxing, especially after not having the weekend to ourselves the previous long weekend.

this morning was a nice way to wrap up the sochi winter games. doug went downstairs to bring back coffee for us and cereal for chaeli. all in our pj’s we watched our team win gold, then wandered downstairs to fix brunch/lunch while the men’s team received their gold medals. we were preparing veggie frittata but stopped all the dicing and shredding as our national anthem played out and the canadian flag was raised. our frittata was enjoyed with some bacon and toast as we watched the closing ceremony.

these are the types of mornings i wish could last for a little while longer…


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