valentine’s/family day weekend

well, we couldn’t celebrate valentines becuase my PIL were here for a 4-night visit. i suppose you could say we did celebrate family day… though ideally, my type of family day involves just doug, chaeli and i. at least for the one day.

yeah – couldn’t happen. not that it was a bad weekend. but i am pretty exhausted from all the entertaining. i felt we were constantly shopping for food, making food, shopping for some more, and then doing one laundry load after another.

i need a weekend for the weekend i just had.

i just have to face it. i’m no good with seeing family so many days in a row. i’m learning that i am just more and more the solitude type. or at the least, i need solitude in between visits. at the end of each night, i think my head wanted to explode. i do wonder if this is part of my anxiety disorder – a lot of noise, not just volume, but different kinds all at once, makes me easily confused. my concentration starts to suffer and i even use the wrong words often.

anyway – i’m really not into celebrating valentines. but as the date approached, i realized it’s been far too long since doug and i had a date night. the last time was probably over the thanksgiving long weekend where we celebrated 2 days and 2 nights for our 10th wedding anniversary.

even if we had valentines day to ourselves, i probably wouldn’t have wanted to go out for dinner. but it would have loved to have just been able to go to a nice cafe somewhere downtown. or go snowshoeing for an hour. something low-key.

not all is at a loss – i will make sure we get a date night at some point.

even still, doug bought me a bouquet of flowers on v-day. it was a sweet gesture!

One thought on “valentine’s/family day weekend

  1. It is always nice to see family.. but it is ALWAYS nice to see them go! 🙂
    Thank you for commenting on my blog… I really appreciate your thoughts! Have a great weekend!

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