death by scent

i was working out at the gym… a typical cardio session reaching about the half-way point. my breath is definitely more rapid but i can still carry on a conversation. perspiration is forming around my brows, but not so much that it’s dripping into my eyes. my heart rate was probably at the 75% max. mark.

overall, it’s where i wanted to me. it was good – i was content.

then in came these two people – a man and a woman. he stopped at a stationary bike diagonally to my right. she, on the other hand, walked past me to a treadmill diagonally to my left. as she crossed the front part of my elliptical trainer, she took off her coat.

it was at that exact moment, i felt my nose nearly scream out in pain and agony as it tried to run away from my face!

i have no idea how much perfume she bathed herself in that morning, but the stench was unbearable. i immediately react with a coughing. they both turned to me just as i started to fan my face, trying to almost swat away the scent.

i wasn’t trying to be rude. this was just the immediate and natural reaction i had.

i continued to cough as they looked at each other, shrugged and turned away. i don’t think they realized SHE was the cause of my ill-reaction.

as usual, due to my sensitivity towards strong, perfume scents, the inside of my nasal cavity started to sting until the entire inside of my noise felt like it was burning. all this happened while on one of the tv’s overhanging the front of the cardio session, the one which is stationed to the fitness centre’s personal message station, read, please be mindful of wearing heavy perfume and scents while at the gym.

i looked over towards her at that particular moment. nope, she was oblivious.

the next few minutes got worse. her own sweat mixed with the perfume she was doused in, caused a chemical reaction which not only magnified the scent but altered it to something even more hideous and extravagant.

i had had enough. i got off my machine and chose the one furthest away from her within my section. it was a bit better but every now and then, her scent still managed to attack my nose.

i beg both women and men to take notice of this… PLEASE be mindful of the amount of perfume or cologne you put on. most places are becoming scent-free as more and more people are showing allergic reactions to the chemicals found in fragranced products. but it is particularly worse at the gym.

i plan to write to our gym and ask that they replace their courtesy message which only comes on every 20 minutes or so for only a few seconds, to posters at each section of the gym. and to heavily consider replacing the courtesy message to a scent-free policy message. a lot of gyms are doing this now – it’s not at all new.

6 thoughts on “death by scent

  1. Gross! I guess if you’re coming to the gym from somewhere else I kind of understand but I hope she didn’t put it on to work out.

  2. I don’t know what it is with perfumes nowadays either. There’s one particular one I can’t even get near–instant headache. Not those mild headaches. I’m talking about those throbbing, mind-numbing headaches that make a person want to drive their head through a wall. I hope perfume manufactures get the message that their scents don’t make sense eventually!

    • it may be that you’re just less tolerant of it – you could even be allergic to certain chemicals used in that product. i was on the health and safety committee at work while we went through our scent-free policy. i learned that there are several hundred chemicals used to manufacture such fragrances that are actually carcinogenic. and that while we think it’s the smell that upsets us, it’s actually the chemicals itself. so i totally agree – i hope the manufacturers start to take this seriously. personally, whenever possible, i buy scent-free products. especially skin creams and lotions – the chemicals in the scented ones just dry out my skin more which defeats the purpose of why i need skin cream in the first place.

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