random confessions no. 11

the bachelor.

yes, i watch it. mainly because, it is so addictive. but like always, i end up hating most of the contestants (they are made to be either extremely weird, unstable and/or fake) and the one that i normally like never wins.

but perhaps that’s a good thing. because the one i like is sharleen (a canadian girl – yeay!) who i think is actually too good for juan pablo (girl, you can do SO much better!) yet the competitive side of me wants her to win purely so we can all say to both clare and nikki, up yours!

The Bachelor

Sharleen on The Bachelor

sharleen isn’t just classy. she appears to be the most real one. yes, i’m sure her opera lifestyle does create some speckles of diva-quality, but she’s the coolest one. not only is she gorgeous but intelligent.

i read some where that people are fans of nikki, whom they think is the most beautiful one.

The Bachelor

“i’m psycho and if you don’t pick me, i’ll come after you! you may even come home to a boiled rabbit on your stove…”

seriously? beautiful? she’s good looking. but more along the lines of jessica simpson cross-over britney spears type of pretty.

you know… the kind of pretty that suggests that if you look at them long enough, you wonder if there’s been a bit of inbreeding.

okay, okay – that was mean. from what i heard, nikki is actually amazing at her job which is a pediatric nurse. and i don’t doubt that she is great with children.

but when it comes to trying to claim pablo, all claws come out. i suppose that’s the point, though. otherwise, there would be no show to watch!


5 thoughts on “random confessions no. 11

    • to be honest, i think this is my first time following the bachelor. πŸ™‚ i think when the first season came on, i watched a little bit of it – but found it too hard to digest. i’m doing this purely for the fun of ‘safe gossiping’ with a girlfriend of mine. we both admit it’s just for fun – a way to escape. purely a guilty pleasure. lol! yes – i agree. it’s just about lust.

  1. We had an Australian series last year. However it turned out that the bachelor was actually a shirtless waiter (and a bit thick at that) so not exactly prime husband material. I think he ended up with one of the less intelligent contestants. haven’t heard how they are getting on.

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