eddie – not my gym-stalker anymore

at least i hope so.

the last time she talked to me, i think my cold, quick answers did the trick. her presence, however, still annoys me.

today, as i was changing out of my workout clothes and getting ready to leave, i heard her asking another gym regular what the elliptical trainer is for. it’s for the whole body, right? she asked in a hopeful voice. but the other lady, who’s actually not just a regular clientele but starting to teach one of the cardio-circuit classes, explained to her that it’s more geared as a cardio workout. but eddie was hopeful still as she added, but it’s better than the treadmill, right?

i didn’t hear what the other lady said. i know she was hesitant in her answer but i definitely knew what was going on in my mind.

i felt like speaking up then, telling her, no, you can’t really compare to the two. it all depends on what you put into it. and coming over 3-7 months to work out for a week and then stop completely, will not help you lose weight. because it wouldn’t matter WHAT you do, then, now would it?

but of course, i didn’t say anything.

though i admit, i did pipe up just as i was getting ready to head out of the change room. eddie was weighing herself and commenting about how she needs to lose weight to this other lady. the other lady said something about that particular scale which was my chance to speak up.

i said, “that scale is wrong – i weighed myself on it right after getting weighed in at two different medical locations [which happened to be at my diabetes health centre and then at my doctor’s].”

eddie, hopeful as usual, asked, “does it make you heavier?”

“no – it makes you light. you need to add 5 lbs to whatever it tells you.”

then the other lady and i got to talking about how it really doesn’t matter what the numbers say – you’re fit, you’re fit. everyone’s body is different.

i know. that was a low blow. eddie looked pretty pissed off at me for that piece of information.

what can i say? i was in a bad mood.

i have a cold.

[note: to clarify, i don’t have issues helping people start off on gaining a better lifestyle. i don’t, however, have patience for people who ask the same question over and over again in the span of 4 or 5 years, hoping the answer will change and fit their easy fix and expectations. if eddie-the-gym-stalker had asked tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated, i think i would have approached her differently. but she insists on harassing us with the same question, hoping we will just say, “yes, what you’re doing is enough – the weight will come off in no time.”]


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