she’s ten now

has it been ten years already? ten years where my baby girl was born in the afternoon of february 5th, 2004? ten years when i first had her put in my arms (after some complications) when all of the sudden, she went from angry cries to complete silence and awe as she looked towards the sound of a familiar voice?

i remember that day like it was yesterday. i was finally stable and resting in the hospital bed. they went to get chaeli. she was very upset. fists flying in the air, face all red… they laid her down in my arms.

i looked down at her and said our first, official hello. she stopped all the fussing quite abruptly as she looked up in recognition of my voice. i heard the nurses say very quickly, “oh… she knows that voice! she knows her mommy already!”

so even though it’s been ten years we’ve had chaeli in our lives, it has been for me, an additional 41 weeks as she grew in me. it was during those months where she was always with me and during those months i would talk to her and play her classical music while taking a nightly soak in the tub.

is that why a mother’s bond to her children are so fierce? the time they spent in us ignites a bond and familiarity even before they are born.

we will be celebrating chaeli’s birthday this saturday with my family, and then next weekend when my PIL arrive. but yesterday was just us three and hobbes.

doug dropped her off at school with a chocolate cake, lots of plates and forks, and then came home to order pizza for her classmates.

on the way home, we did take out sushi and sashimi platters. plus he made a chocolate mint ice cream sandwich using chocolate peanut butter cookies. the three little ice cream sandwiches formed a triangle where he was able to put some candles in between each.

chaeli’s not a cake person – she prefers ice cream.

and so we sang happy birthday and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.

–> a look back at our ten years of favourite chaeli photos


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