i ride

this past saturday, the conditions were quite ideal for a ski/board outing. we went for night time skiing (as per our 1/2 price coupon allowance) after the area accumulated around 10 cm of snow.

as usual, and to test out chaeli’s new equipment, we went down the learner’s run a couple of times to warm up. but i was getting impatient even before the 2nd run. there were, strangely enough, a lot of beginners that day. the line-up on the magic carpet was crazy, not to mention all these parents just standing around letting about seven kids bud in front of me (shame on such parents – do you want your kids to grow up as spoiled brats that no one will like being around?) and coming down, i had too many interruptions with everyone either just standing there, sitting there… or in some cases, lying there.

as i made my way half-way down the 2nd run, i yelled over to doug that we’ll head over to the quad lift immediately after we meet up at the bottom.

my evening snowboarding was sweet. it was my personal best even though near the end of our near 3.5 hrs there, i was getting tired and sloppy (which equates to wipe-outs over the smallest bump).

we stayed together this time, even though being on the snowboard and having to strap myself in and out each time, both doug and chaeli had to wait for me a little. but thankfully, chaeli wanted us to always go down together. so their patience was appreciated.

flowing down the slopes (i even spent a good deal of time on a couple of blue runs), i felt the exhilaration and peace i now understand what people describe it as. the last half hour, chaeli and doug went off together as i went back on the learner’s hill. it’s way too easy but i still like to end with it. when i get tired, i need to have the easiest run possible to end on a good high. it also gives me the chance, as during that time of the night, it’s nearly empty, to practice on my technique. i made my way down doing smaller and tighter turns as i tested myself with my ability to control the board.

the next day, as we drove up to my parents’ place for a superbowl dinner (we brought up all the food and cooked there), i could not stop talking to doug about the feel i had the night before.

and in a strange way, i never felt i earned the ability to say i ride… yet now, that’s what i do. and that’s what i’ll keep on doing for as long as this body will allow me to.


2 thoughts on “i ride

  1. I’ve never tried snowboarding although one day, I’d love to try. Never could get into skiing, but snowboarding sounds like my sport. Perhaps I’m an extreme sports lover and that’s the reason I’d love to try it!

    • well definitely let me know when you try it! i never skied either – and while my husband and daughter are ski fanatics, it just never appealed to me. boarding is harder to pick up, though. but once you get it, you get it! i’m totally addicted to boarding now.

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