i never knew her – but she will be missed…

dear, dear jaz. i hope wherever you are now, you are at peace and finally free of the pain.

i thank you for allowing me into your life. we never met but i always enjoyed our back and forth following of each other’s blog… all the way from when we found each other on the old vox community. that was a few years ago.

since then, i’ve been following your brave journey as you battled stage IV lung cancer.

it is strange. i know this sounds selfish of me, but i just didn’t think this day would come. for whatever reason, perhaps it was such great strength you shared with us through your ups and downs, your hopes and battle, of which made me believe you would never leave this world.

through your words, you have given me more strength and courage than you probably ever knew.

rest in peace, jaz.

rest in peace.

i am still in shock she passed away in the early morning of february 2nd, 2014


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