wings and things, winter wedding and dogs frolicking in the snow

we had another busy weekend. while it’s true that i do prefer having some down time, you’ll hear no complaints from me – everything about this past weekend was fun!

friday dinner, after picking chaeli up from school and heading over to the grocery store for some light shopping, we decided to go to our favourite pub, the duchess of markham. i admit i prefer going to this place mid-week or during lunch on weekends. while i still love the atmosphere, friday and saturday nights always seem to draw at least one or two regulars who tend to think they own the bar. they go beyond their drinking limits and not only get very loud, but sometimes a bit obscene in the language department.

it’s more the loudness that bothers me. when you can’t hear yourself think because one person’s laughter fills the entire restaurant, that’s definitely too loud.

even still, i get cravings for their wings once in awhile. unlike some pubs/bars, they actually have a decent side salad that i can swap the fries for. all’s good for my healthy food choice with a small bit of indulgence with the wings.

saturday afternoon, we went to mississauga for my baby-cousin’s wedding.

i say baby but he’s definitely not a baby anymore. it’s just that i still see him as being so much younger than me.

we had such a good time and i couldn’t be happier for the married couple. my cousin-in-law is a great match for my cousin – and truly a genuine and sweet person. no doubt they will be happy together!

chaeli and i made sure to get at least half an hour of dancing in before we had to call it a night (we were responsible for driving my family home).

finally, for sunday brunch/lunch, we did our annual thing over at peter and lisa’s house. i do love hanging out with these two. as with all our friends, they are pretty down-to-earth so the visits are always informal.  i brought a mixed green salad with tomatoes, bocconcini and fresh basil – with a light balsamic vinaigrette i quickly whipped up the morning of. they made a smoked salmon and asparagus frittata with bacon on the side. they also picked up some freshly baked montreal-style bagels, cream cheese, blue berries and additional smoked salmon on the side.

i definitely was in brunch-heaven. but the best thing of all… peter’s coffee. i don’t know what it is about his coffee. is it his water? how he grinds up the beans? what? what it is??? the only other person who makes equally good coffee is tai. but at least i think i know some of tai’s secrets. always good coffee.

and good coffee is important. almost to the point where i would grade my friendship on how well they make my coffee. 😉

after sitting around with our 2nd cup of joe to help digest our big meal, we piled on the winter gear and headed over to a park across from where they live. the dogs were set to run free and boy did they run!

it was a short, brisk, 45 minutes walk. just enough to get some fresh air but back in time before the chill started to really get to us. i was fine, myself, until we were headed back and i started to feel my toes get that cold sensation.

it’s also nice to get hobbes and their dog, flint, together once in awhile. when they greet each other, their tails wag happily as they give each other a quick sniff with joyous recognition.


3 thoughts on “wings and things, winter wedding and dogs frolicking in the snow

  1. The brunch sounds heavenly! And I refuse to make Tai coffee anymore. He will only drink hand ground coffee and nobody got time for that! That’s what electricity is for.

    • i truly wonder who’s pickier about their coffee. tai or peter. i would say that while peter is a close second, it’s definitely tai! he’s like the coffee king. :p

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