letters no. 1 (new years resolutions)

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under letters]

alright, i’m a little surprised with myself. i managed to actually not only start but have completed parts of all three new year’s resolutions i’ve made for 2014. i suppose it helps that i picked all fun things to stick with – that never hurts. :p

so, as far as writing more letters, i’ve written my first ones to my niece and nephew. i’ll be going to the post office tomorrow to mail them out as i have also a couple of activity books to hand over to them (i went through chaeli’s book shelves and collected two boxes of books she no longer reads – keeping a few sentimental ones of course – and found a bunch of pre-k to grade 2 level activity books she never got around to using).

this was definitely a fun letter to put together. i may decide to do more than just once every quarter as i send to other surrogate nephews and nieces (friends’ kids) whom i don’t see often enough and miss in between visits.

January 15th, 2014

Dear Double-A,

How are you? I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the winter days.

Do you have enough snow to build a snowman and do snow angels? That’s something I loved to do when I was your age. I spent hours outside, playing in my snow fort which my grandmother helped me build.

Uncle Doug, Chaeli and I have been spending our time enjoying the winter weather when we can. We try to make time to go skiing and snowboarding on weekends when Uncle Doug isn’t working.

Chaeli has become a great skier for some one who only started last year. I’m sure when you’re old enough she will want to go skiing with the both of you.

As for me, your auntie Shy… well… lets just say that I’m happy I don’t fall down that much anymore. 🙂

Snowboarding is a bit trickier to learn but now that I can make it down an easy run without falling, it’s definitely a lot of fun!

We also hope to go snowshoeing this winter. It isn’t as exciting as skiing or snowboarding but it’s still a great way for all of us to go out and get some fresh air, exercise AND a fantastic way for Hobbes to run around in the snow. He loves to do this. Sometimes, he’ll sniff around (because where we go snowshoeing, there’s a lot of little animals from the woods that have been there before we arrive) and he’ll just stick his whole face in the snow. Like a face plant! It’s funny to watch.

This past weekend, we took Chaeli to the AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario. Our Toronto Library hands out free passes to different places all over Toronto every Saturday morning (to the zoo, different museums, historical sites, art galleries and the science centre).  The three of us hopped on the subway and headed down to the AGO and got a chance to see some of my favourite artists – The Group of Seven. We spent a good three hours walking around but only got a chance to see half of the art. That’s okay – we’ll return again one day. The place is very big and there’s just too much to see and do.

Girl-A, I hear you are enjoying school and I think that’s great! And Boy-A, I hear you also do homework when its homework time for your sister and I think that’s great, too. Keep up the good work!

I’m mailing out to you some homework books to add to the fun. I hope you like them.

Love, Auntie Shy.


2 thoughts on “letters no. 1 (new years resolutions)

  1. I didn’t realized you lived in and around the Toronto area! Isn’t Art Gallery of Ontario amazing! I went last year, after a long time and I enjoyed it with my family. Awesome place!

    • yes, it is amazing! i hadn’t been back there since i was a student downtown campus of u of t (umm… that’s about 20 years ago!) it’s changed quite a bit from what i remembered. now that i’ve gone back to AGO twice in one year, i hope to go annually.

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