living with diabetes – update

it has been up and down, up and down.

i am refering to both my glucose levels and my emotions surrounding this disease.

my levels are very sensitive. now, this might just be because i got caught with high fasting levels during my physical. but from what others have told me, it can take a while to level off even if i am doing everything in my power to be true to a good and healthy diabetic lifestyle.

which i have. oh my god, have i been trying so hard. it’s been frustrating at times – to the point where for a couple of weeks, my numbers started to creep up. each time i got a number outside my range, even if it was just 1-2 mmol/l over a healthy range, i would be crying on doug’s shoulder. literally. my poor husband – always having to comfort his damaged wife.

perhaps it’s also because, due to my young age of being diagnosed, i HAVE to try and aim for a non-diabetic range.

those with diabetes type 2 (usually diagnosed at age 50-60 or over) are asked to follow this guideline:

  • before a meal: 4.0 – 7.0 mmol/l
  • 2 hours after a meal: 5.0 – 10.0 mmol/l

for me, they want my target to be the non-diabetic range of:

  • before a meal: 4.0 – 6.0 mmol/l
  • 2 hours after a meal: 5.0 – 8.0 mmol/l

so when i get a 7-something before a meal, i get very upset. and when i get an 8-something or worse, 9-something, after a meal, i get even more upset.

since i’ve been working on my lifestyle – and following the glycemic index for healthier food options, i rarely get a 9.0 or higher. except in the mornings (the hardest time to control my levels) but even then, it is usually not higher than 8.5. it should, however, be below 7.0. but… over the holidays, without straying from my reguilar diet and exercise, i got a couple of 9.0’s. i was so mad that i just stopped testing my sugar levels for two whole weeks.

turns out, though, i was also fighting a nasty infection. i learned that the stress of fighting any ailment is often known to cause a rise in one’s readings. i don’t know if it was high during that time because it was just a coincidence or in fact, from now on, anytime i get sick, i should expect high readings.

i wasn’t happy, though. it’s just another complication i now must face whenever i get sick.

anyway… now that i’m better, i decided i need to get back to testing. my diabetes specialist team will question me, if i don’t.

i’m thankful that my ranges this week have so far been around 5.0-5.5 mmol/l before meals and 7.5-7.7 mmol/l after meals. while on the high side of a normal person’s range, i will take these numbers!

i hope, in time, to improve on these numbers so i can go off the low dosage of metformin i have to take twice a day (1/2 a pill with breakfast; 1/2 a pill with dinner). the goal is still to manage my diabetes with lifestyle only.


2 thoughts on “living with diabetes – update

  1. No one could be working harder than you at being healthy! It’s only going to get better, and you will feel the results of your diligence soon.

    • thank you. i do hope to see positive results soon. i’m going for my 2nd HbA1c fasting test in a couple of weeks. i’m a little nervous. i’ve been told to not expect the number to be as low as what i’ve been seeing during my self-tests. it’s a test you can’t cheat since it takes the last 3 months’ average. so my high readings for the first several weeks after i was diagnosed will off-set the numbers i’ve been receiving recently.

      i suppose that’s why it’s important to do the self-test at home – it gives you a better picture of one’s progression since the 3 month test can’t break down the different ranges. at the same time, the 3 month test is a better indication overall of how one is doing since the margin of error is almost zero.

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