2014 resolutions – be inspired no. 1

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under be inspired]

as part of my new year’s resolutions, i was able to fulfill my third resolution – to be inspired.

art gallery of ontario

the ago

back when doug and i celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by visiting the AGO to see both the David Bowie Is and Aie Weiwei’s According to What? exhibits, we commented that we should bring chaeli to the art gallery in the near future.

as luck would have it, our city public libraries have this amazing program which supports some of the cultural aspects of our city by handing out 5 passes every saturday morning to places like:

  • royal ontario museum
  • science centre
  • the toronto zoo
  • pioneer village
  • casa loma
  • art gallery of ontario
  • textile museum
  • museum of inuit art
  • and a plethora of historical buildings, including fort york

some of the more popular places are given out only at certain libraries – and some of these libraries do this by means of a draw. which is fine – because this gives the less popular ones easier access to us at our local, smaller branch.

the way i see it – it’s a great way to see something we normally might not think about. culture, after all, doesn’t always have to be at main stream attractions.

a couple of months ago, chaeli and i happened to be at our local branch for some research work on her kronosaurus presentation. i decided to try this program out. getting a pass to the AGO was easy.

with a rainy day like today, we decided to use our pass (as each pass will expire in 3 months – and to be fair, you can not take out another pass of the same venue until the one you have ‘borrowed’ has been used). it seemed like the most ideal day to head downtown by subway and digest some beautiful art. we got ready to leave right after brunch.

i have to say, i was in heaven. the canadian art section was huge – most of it housing works from The Group of Seven. plus, the beautiful espresso bar in the Galleria Italia corridor was an ideal spot for an afternoon americano. chaeli got a scoop of caramel crunch gelato which she devoured. faithful to my health, i stuck with my own snack – tuna snack pack with crackers. and a tangerine for later.

it was hard not to be inspired. if not for the art, the interior architecture alone made for a very zen-like experience.


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