this year will be a challenging one for me on many fronts. i rarely ever make new year’s resolutions because i mainly believe to make resolutions throughout the year. sometimes, spreading out goals make them more achievable.

when it comes to food and exercise, i see the same thing every january – the gym becomes packed and our staff fridge is filled with home-made lunches/snacks. they all have good intentions to start the year fresh. but come beginning of march, if not earlier, the fridge becomes only half filled as people resign to their fast food haunts and all those new faces at the gym are gone, leaving just the usual clientele.

and i say to those people – don’t put so much pressure on yourself to start the new year with these massive goals. it’s okay to restart your resolution at any time of the year.

point is, these people who stop in march, never seem to try and just pick off where they left off – usually, they wait until the new year again. there’s no where written stating this as some kind of rule, after all. personally, my success in keeping with such goals was to forget the new year’s resolution/clean slate, thing. and just do it. for certain people, like me, the pressure of too many goals at once backfires.

having said that, because 2013 was not a good year for me and i suspect 2014 won’t be any different – maybe even tougher – i have decided to make a list of 3 things i would like to do this year. none of them are die-hard resolutions. the point is to keep it light and fun – perhaps to try and balance the seriousness that i am facing these days.

  1. read a book every month: this one will be difficult. i’m not the fastest reader and it’s been years since i’ve read one book after another. most years, if i can finish off 2-3 books, it’s a success. so for 2014, i aim to do 12 books but will try not to go under 10.
  2. write more letters: social media is the everyday norm. but as i have ranted before, it’s no way to really connect with people. it’s impersonal. emails are better but i want to get back to actually writing letters. the kind you put in an envelope, address, stamp and drop at the mailbox. because some of my in-laws are more into the retro way of communicating, i plan to write a letter to my nephew and niece every quarter (as they are young and not at the point of spending a lot of time on the computer).
  3. be inspired: i know this sounds very vague. but this is basically doing anything that might inspire me creatively. whether it’s taking an afternoon to visit a local art gallery or watch more independent movies. music, too – i’ve had quite enough of the main stream stuff – bring on the hidden talents of the world! and i have all these craft projects at home waiting to be worked on. if I can tackle one type of inspiration ever month or two, i will celebrate in my success here.

these are resolutions that won’t bother me if i do not keep them up or fulfill them completely or as well as i hope to. they are for fun. hopefully, i’ll succeed in some of them and be able to document it in my blog.


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