i booked my first therapy session. while i’m still going through some solid, low days, there’s a bit of relief that i finally made the first step here. it’s almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

there’s hope. hope that perhaps, there just might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

even the receptionist was very helpful. when she asked me what type of therapy i would be looking for, my only response was, “you know, i have no idea. this is all so new to me!” i was very nervous – i’m sure she could sense that in my tone.

but she reassured me – she was new, too. and just learning the ropes of her new job.

she then asked me if i could explain what i’m dealing with. “ah,” i said, “that i can tell you!” so i went on to explain my anxiety and depression issues. and how the depression has gotten significantly worse.

it’s enough. and a start.

i’m thankful for the handful of trusted and good friends that i have that’s been supportive and true to me. this would probably be much tougher if i didn’t have their love and i know i am blessed to have them in my life. as well as doug and chaeli, of course.

i suppose once in awhile, i need to stop and realize that not everyone can say they have a friend that they can trust. it’s definitely something everyone takes for granted every now and then because when you are use to having loved ones, always there in some way, it becomes the norm.

friends? yes, of course i have friends. who doesn’t?

well… there are people out there who really don’t. for whatever reason. and i’m sure it is quite a lonely feeling for them.


2 thoughts on “therapy

  1. I sincerely hope that talking to someone will at least help you cope with whatever is bothering you. It’s great that you accepted that you needed help and at least went this first step to help yourself get through it. I always believe that no matter how bleak the situation is, it will always get better. It may not take days or weeks, but eventually, it will.

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