random confessions no. 9

have you ever had a co-worker that made your professional life a living hell? the type that has no shame in back-stabbing anyone. the hypocritical type that felt they had a right to do anything to anyone – yet if some one did something even remotely similar back, it was unheard of and they would treat it as the most offensive thing in the universe that had been done to them (even if proof existed that it was a misunderstanding/unintentional).

i had that type of experience. for 5 years, i had to work along side a very jealous type that, in all honesty, seemed almost psychotic to me.

the day came where we had a massive lay-off across our company. i knew this was going to happen about a week before it actually happened. i knew, just a few days before the actual date, that she was amongst one of them being let go (i knew this because i was involved in the business part of the lay-off; by the time names were shared, it was all coming down to the schedule and procedure so i had to be included on the information).

it was a very hard day. i did not want to be a part of it. i didn’t want to see anyone go.

except for her.

this is the one of the very few times where i will admit that i took pleasure in some one else’s misfortunes. mainly because i felt she deserved it – in fact, she got off easy. with the documentation i had alone of what she had been doing to me and my team mates, i assure you, she was lucky to be laid-off and not fired.

very lucky.

so… this is my confession. i took pleasure in watching her escorted out of the building. i took pleasure in knowing that i out-lasted her. i took pleasure in knowing that she had failed in trying to get rid of me.

it’s awful, i know. of course, i also knew that she would be fine – her husband has a great career and that she has her sister to help her out. they have no kids, either – no dependents. but yes, this is the side of me that’s not very becoming.

god help me, it is the truth, though.


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