christmas day 2013 – doug’s loot

[this is part II of my post-christmas posts – first post can be found here]

christmas morning, we waited until doug came home from his shift before opening presents together. as with every year, we start with stocking stuffers, then presents from friends and family, leaving gifts to each other last.

we didn’t take too long to get through our massive pile of presents which meant we were able to have our christmas brunch at a decent time.

this year, with my diabetes, doug bought me whole grain pancake mix with no-sugar added syrup. he also cooked up some turkey sausages for me. i opted to also have a leftover slaw that is high in fibre – shredded cabbage, shredded brussel sprouts, shredded kale and radicchio. the pancakes and syrup were only a fraction of sugar and carbs of what normally would make a pancakes with maple syrup meal. i actually liked my pancakes better – i suppose i’ve become a big fan of whole grain type products. it filled me up pretty fast though.

my parents came over late in the afternoon, leaving me plenty of time to do p90x plus upper body workout, followed by the p90x plus core abs. a total of 1 hour! brutal but fun workout – i enjoyed the variety a lot. while there were moments i felt like i wasn’t going to get through a set, it didn’t feel like a real workout. yes, it was that much fun!

for our christmas feast, we went over to my aunt’s and uncle’s as per our annual tradition.

i admit – while i controlled myself with the stuffing and mashed potatos, i went WAY overboard on the turkey! with my now low-intolerance for alcohol, the 1 glass of red wine just about did me in. i was in a post-turkey, red-wine coma as my digestion started to work away. while everyone had dessert, i had my skinny cafe latte with a few more bites of turkey later on as a night time snack.

here’s just some of doug’s loot:

christmas presents

doug’s loot

  1. Maple Cinnomon Pancake & Waffle mix
  2. Canadian Team Olympic Hoody – retro 1932 Lake Placid games
  3. A Dance with Dragons (5th book in Game of Thrones series)
  4. ishuffle
  5. Body Shop Ginger Shampoo
  6. Brotherhood – Life in the FDNY
  7. Inheritance (4th book in the Inheritance Cycle)
  8. Pickeld truffles

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