deep freeze

ice storm - fallen tree

half a tree on our patio

this is what our patio looks like as of sunday morning.

around 3am, we heard a very loud, thundering sound that shook our house.  i got up to investigate. as i drew our drapes open, chaeli was already coming in asking me in a scared voice, “was that… thunder?”

“no,” i said, “i don’t think that was thunder, baby.” whatever it was, i thought, sounded way louder than thunder. there was a crack followed quickly by what felt like something hit our roof before falling to the ground.

i peered outside. at first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. i looked down further and saw a very large branch which laid across our entire patio. following the arm, i realized it wasn’t just a big branch but half a tree!

i tucked chaeli back into bed, telling her not to worry – that a branch had just fallen. then i went up and down the house, assessing any damages that might have been caused to the windows.

nothing. i went back to bed.

around 6am, the same sound was heard though it didn’t sound like anything hit our roof like the first time. i glanced outside again and just as suspected, the other half of the tree fell the other way. chaeli told me later that it woke her up too.

doug came home later to check things out outside. our smoker got a direct hit. the legs are bent but he thinks the main body is still intact – it might be salvageable. our BBQ is definitely barricaded by the broken tree but looks undamaged. some our of neighbours’ front door faces the back (the corner units) – doug being the guy that he is, went and cut down some of the branches so they could get in and out.

he also noted that the other tree in front of our other neighbour, is starting to split down the middle – it’s only a matter of time before that one also meets its fate. the side that will fall towards us will do a criss-cross with the already fallen half on our patio. we’re not too concern it will hit our house. but the other half? it looks like it will make direct impact on the neighbours diagonally across from us.

it’s been a really crazy weekend. 1/4 million people are without power – most for the past 2 days. at first they said that they will get power back in 72 hrs but now it looks like some will be without power past christmas.

i hope and pray people will be okay. we have so far been very blessed. we lost our phone line but still have power so at least, it’s powering our cell phones and internet.

aside from all the crazy weather and close to city-wide emergency surrounding this huge power outage, it’s been a gorgeous winter-wonderland. i took some time yesterday to take some photos of the ice-decorated branches in our front yard:

ice storm - frozen branches


ice storm - frozen branches


-> more photos from toronto ice storm 2013


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