birthday gift to myself

my 41st birthday is fast approaching.

once in a very blue moon, i’ll buy myself a birthday gift. with everything that’s been going on in my life, i’ve been needing whatever it takes to help get me through many bad days.

dealing with diabetes has been very up and down. i know i am lucky in that most people have it far worse. but it’s still been hard to digest everything.

with the winter months, my anxiety and depression is far more vulnerable. i think i’ve been feeling extra down more often than not because i’ve also been trying to come to the realities of my diagnosis. while it’s not the end of the world, there are just a string of days i feel tired about having this disease at all.

anyway, i have spoken to my doctor, as well as the rest of my diabetes team, and have my name out on the list for the next available psychiatrist. it may be a bit of a wait, though. the process can take awhile as the waiting list is long. the key is that i will definitely want a psychiatrist as certain medications are not friendly for diabetics. everything is just more complicated now.

it’s not just the diabetes that’s the underlying cause of my depression – there’s something more and i know i need help.

anyway, i happen to see two great sales online at chapters. one is a beautiful 2014 agenda planner (that fits into my purse). i know, i’m old school. with smart phones and tablets, who needs a archaic planner like this?

well, i’ve had some inner-struggles and battles about this for a couple of years now. while i do mostly everything online and electronically, i love having a page-by-page agenda planner. it’s great for me to keep notes, receipts or coupons that i need to retain for awhile. and i like writing in it. with ink.

doug bought me a group of seven one last year because he didn’t get a chance to get me a group of seven calendar. i didn’t think i would like it but now i can’t imagine being without it!

i also bought myself this alice munroe collection. the box set contains five of her following works:

  • Friend of My Youth
  • Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage
  • The Love of a Good Woman
  • Runaway
  • The View from Castle Rock

out of the above five, i’ve only read Runaway. i’ve read other works of hers so i look forward to having some of her work as part of my collection. yes, i am going old-school again. as much as i do make use of my ipad for ebooks both borrowed from the library or bought, i still like to hold books in my hands.


4 thoughts on “birthday gift to myself

  1. I like writing things down too. And Alice Munro never disappoints…though sometimes I wish she would write a happy ending to some of her short stories. I guess I could just read Sophie Kinsella if I want a simple light story.

    • i have never heard of sophie kinsella – is there any one of her works your recommend? agenda’s can also be quite nice – some have great designs! maybe that’s another thing that attracts me to them.

  2. Oh, S. xoxo.
    I still use a traditional bound journal. Every week I write a todo list and I even sketch out a little week-at-a-glace calendar so I can have that visual of my schedule. I know there are apps for both, and even pre-printed agendas, but after trying dozens of apps and countless agendas, I find I prefer my plain lined pages and they suit me well.

    • i wonder if our kids will even bother? is it because we grew up with hand-written journals and agendas that we’re still like that? these days, i feel particularly longing for the simpler times. a part of me is still wanting to get an iphone, but another part of me wants to do things the old-fashioned way (you should be getting your holiday greeting in the mail no later than the 24th).

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