photoblog: 7 days at sea


Princess Cays, Bahamas

when cruising with the princess cruiseline, they always stop at princess cays during a caribbean cruise. the privately owned beach in the bahamas is this lovely stretch of clean  sand and beautiful blue water. there are some souvenir shops, sport equipment rentals and a buffet set up with food ready for serving as you step from the tender and on to the dock, just waiting for all to come and enjoy.

chaeli had her first snorkeling experience. i must say, the water, once you reach the coral reef area, was quite deep. but she did very well. the highlight for her was seeing a big sting ray swim beneath her!

i bought chaeli a fossilized shark tooth necklace. she’s fascinated with sharks.

crown princess skywalk nightclub

view from The Skywalk Nightclub by day

the above photo was taken from the skywalk nightclub. back in my younger days, i found myself here a lot. but this time, i didn’t even step one foot into this night club. except during the day time.

from 9am to 4pm, this place is changed into a sort of observation deck at the aft of the ship. it’s also converted into a quiet reading room. i took advantage of this while at sea one day.

curacao port

lush, green Curaçao

this was my first time visiting Curaçao. the beautiful and colourful buildings, at some point very european looking, was a main feature for me.

shopping here was expensive – even the junky-type souvenirs was more than i would want to spend. most of the stores were all designer jewellery. nice window shopping – but not affordable. at least for us. so we just walked. and walked.

then i went back on board and took advantage of the empty fitness studio to do my power yoga. 🙂

aruba port

vendor market in Aruba

Aruba is always beautiful! same deal, though. most of the stores were all designer jewellery and handbags. but there was a strip of vendors that we had fun browsing through. the souvenirs were also the same type of trinkets you see from island to island (just with different island names on them). but i still bought chaeli a bunch of coloured pencils made from branches – with the word ‘aruba’ on them.

doug bought a great t-shirt and distressed hat from pirana joe.

aruba port

marina in Aruba

my parents and chaeli wanted to head back to the ship. doug, our family friend and i wanted to explore further. we found our way over this small bridge to a marina with a beautiful walk-way by the water.

aruba iguanas

lazy iguanas sun bathing

along the path, we saw tiny lizards, green birds up in the palm trees and all these giant iguanas just sunbathing on the rocks! at first, we thought we were just lucky to find one. but as we walked along, we soon learned they were everywhere!

walking back, we took a slighly different route along these docks. we walked closely along a rocky shore line and was able to see a multitude of marine life – red crabs, a box-fish, a large blue trigger fish and what i think were chitons.

crown princess atrium

Christmas came early on Crown Princess

on december 1st, the day we came back on to the ship after chillin’ on the beach of princess cays, we were greeted by beautiful christmas decorations and lights in the 3-story atrium.

what a delight to the eyes! a part of me was a little sad that we had just put up our christmas decorations but unable to enjoy them. so imagine my surprise and delight to have a week at sea with a touch of christmas! it was a great opportunity for us to have photos taken on our formal nights (which i don’t have right now – it’s on my family friend’s nikon as he’s the photographer among our group).

-> view rest of the photos from our Crown Princess 7-Day Caribbean Southern Cruise


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