a pound a day…

the above link is a long post, but i decided to document all the tips and tricks that worked for me while cruising, to avoid weight gain (and stick with my diabetic diet).

it wasn’t too hard but i will warn those who are going on a cruise anywhere in the near future – if you are diabetic and are told that they have plain yogurt (and plain soy milk for those who are also lactose intolerant like me), their idea of ‘plain’ is different from what i had expected. to me, when i get my plain yogurt, for example, the word ‘plain’ means no sugar added. no flavor added and no sugar added.

so imagine my surprise when i ordered room service to deliver a couple of plain yogurt to keep in our mini-fridge as a go-to snack, to see 7g of sugar in its nutritional content!

7g of sugar is a lot for a diabetic! especially for me as i’m still on the path of controlling my levels to a safer range.

i told this to my doctor (who was the family friend that was part of our group on the cruise) and he said, “that’s really surprising. i’m guessing 20-25% of these passengers have diabetes 2 [and know about it]. you would think for such a common disease, they would have the ability to cater towards such diet restrictions.”

not to mention so many people who had other diet restrictions due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or heart disease.

anyway, if you’re interesting in browsing my tips or want simple, cost-effective ideas of how to save yourself from tight clothes coming back home, read on…


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