christmas is just around the corner…

…as is my 41st birthday. boo! 😦

but the decorations have now been hung up (except for the live tree of course). chaeli was just so happy this sunday when we pulled the decorations out and popped in some christmas tunes. she sang with such joy, “oh the weather outside is frightful…

and boy can she belt it out when she wants to! but it was a beautiful sound. i quietly went away with the hanging up of stockings, the placement of candles and all the different things we’ve accumulated for this time of year. and she just kept on singing and singing.

usually, i’m in such a rush that the progress of decorating is sometimes quite stressful. this year, i just went with the flow and took my time. i stole glimpses of chaeli as she did her part.

pure happiness. if one could see colours glowing around her it would have been only the brightest of colours… mixed with glitter!

it was just one of those moments i’ll never forget.

she is, and forever will be, the light in my life.


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