randomnous musings – while drinking starbucks

blogging with a hot cup of coffee is always the ideal way to blog. having one’s favourite tunes is also ideal. you have to set the mood after all. during the winter months, especially, i would light a candle. anything to help me relax.

once in a blue moon, i have the opportunity to sit at starbucks to have my coffee and morning breakfast wrap. i’ve noticed lately that i make a habit of checking out the foodwear of other women. i rarely do this during the summer time. but it’s boots season. i’m happy to see so many different, stylish boots. once in awhile, i’ll see a really beautiful pair of boots. i fight the urge to go up to the owner of those boots to commend her on her excellent taste. people need to get to know me to know that i’m harmless. if i approach strangers like that, i might confuse them. big cities normally aren’t use to that type of friendliness.

when i work from home, i’ll still wake up at a regular, ungodly hour of 5:30am to get the day going. this way, i can stop by the gym on the way home after dropping chaeli off at school and start my work-day at a decent hour. once in awhile, if i don’t mind working up until dinner time, i’ll do my quick stop at starbucks. that’s when i get my 15 minutes of just sitting down and do some people watching (and boots watching, evidently).

decorations for christmas has been up at starbucks and elsewhere for pretty much all of november. as soon as halloween was done, the christmas stuff was up the next day. fast. faster than most years? hard to say. it seems that way. doesn’t matter – by the time the decorations have been put up, i’m normally done at least 75-80% of my christmas shopping. we’re putting up the decorations this weekend, actually (we’ll be too busy the next 2 weekends). which means i’ll be starting my christmas wrapping for all the presents we have to ship to thunder bay.

i’m not completely done, though. i would say i have a few more stocking stuffers to buy. and 1 main gift for my father, as well as a gift card for my uncle.

finally, one more update… i actually lost about 5 pounds in the past month or so. i suppose all this healthy eating to help control my diabetes meant that pounds would be lost. to be completely honest, i never thought i would ever be below 140lbs. i was close to 145lbs at my physical. not surprising. it’s a weight i have been comfortable with for the past few years even though i don’t look it.

this morning, i decided to weigh myself again since it’s been a couple of weeks.


hopefully, i will not lose too much weight. and hopefully, it’s been fat loss, not muscle loss!

so long as i don’t go below 135. i have been 130 in my past and people told me i looked unhealthy and needed to add back some mass.

yes – not all women want to be 125. you gotta be realistic about what’s healthy and what’s not. thin does NOT equall beautiful.

i should be on a dove commercial.


2 thoughts on “randomnous musings – while drinking starbucks

  1. Great job on the weight loss, Shy! Honestly, when I had to do the GD diet while I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t gain too much weight either. Overall, I only gained around 10 lbs. but it’s not like I was a stick figure or anything so my OB wasn’t too concerned. I keep telling myself to go back to that diet again to lost a few pounds but it’s just too dang strict! I was probably at my lowest when I was still breastfeeding Aria but once I stopped, a few pounds started to creep up. *sigh*

    I know I’ve been eating way too much sweets lately so that probably doesn’t help either. You inspire me to make healthy food choices. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • i wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow a GD diet. you are right – waaaay too strict! unless it’s by doctor’s orders, i think it is too unrealistic for most people. i lost about 10 pounds while pregnant but i was a whale by my 2nd trimester. lie HUGE! haha! :p

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