what vampires have done to my interpersonal relationships

okay, to be more precise, i should include werewolves.

and i should probably include teenage vampires and werewolves.

chaeli and i have spent this past weekend, mostly in our pj’s, watching the rest of the twilight saga movies (we saw the first two a couple of weeks ago).

and no, this is not the first time we’ve run through the entire saga.

i’ll admit, we were quite lazy, especially yesterday, where i had originally planned to make a solid effort in making sure we go for a walk with hobbes. doug is usually the dog-walker. i’m not as motivated unless we go on a family hike – the best way to walk a dog in my opinion (especially if you go somewhere remote to let him off-leash). hikes totally make hobbes tired than just a walk around the neighborhood.

but with doug working and the day being quite grey, i barely made it out of the house to do some grocery shopping (i was feeling under the weather, too). and the only reason we did go was to take a break between breaking dawn part 1 and breaking dawn part 2.  which, by the way, was probably the best of all the twilight movies (less cheesy acting).

the thing is, it’s nice to share something with chaeli that we both enjoy equally.


though should i be worried that the part she thinks is the funniest is when he tries to save her by biting all over her arms and legs? the first time chaeli saw that, she started laughing like crazy, “hahaha! he’s biting her everywhere! that’s so funny!”

well, if you know the scene i’m talking about, it’s a little funny.


2 thoughts on “what vampires have done to my interpersonal relationships

  1. I agree. Breaking Dawn is not my favorite book to read but the last 2 movies were the best ones. I didn’t purchase part 1 but I did get part 2. Glad that Chaeli enjoyed the movie. It’ll be awhile before I let my kids watch them. Not even sure if they’ll be remotely interested. haha…

    • i admit chaeli (age 9.5) is younger than the normal age group that read/watch the twilight series. actually, i won’t be letting her read breaking dawn until she’s a teen. letting her watch the love scenes (while tastefully down) was a bit of a breath-holder for me. but she doesn’t seem to care. she enjoys watching the vampires rip each others heads off! yes, i know. i should be worried about that. 🙂

      but she is mature enough to read the first 3 books.

      every kid is different – as a parent, you’ll know when they are ready. i have a friend who lets her older daughter (10) read the hunger games, which is way more violent. but i can see that her daughter is mature enough to read the series.

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