the three evil whites

my young cousin’s boyfriend, who happens to be a surgeon, said something about sugar to me. he said it was one of the three evil whites – salt, sugar and cocaine.

i chuckled when he said that back then. not because i doubted what he said but to hear ‘cocaine’ in the end… i mean, it’s one thing to indulge a little with salt and sugar.

it’s clearly not okay to indulge even a little bit with cocaine. since there’s no such thing as the ability to indulge in a little, here.

now, trying to control my diabetes, his statement weighs so much more.

with diabetes, i now have to watch everything that i eat. not just sugar/carbs. there’s sodium. borderline blood pressure for normal people is 190/40. those with diabetes are to stay below 180/30. luckily, mine is usually around 120/75 (unless i’ve been exercising – the lower number will then creep up to low 80’s but return back after my heart rate goes back to a normal rate).

my cholesterol reading was 2.8 mmol/L which is very desirable for normal people (whom should be under 5 mmol/L. but because i have diabetes? i should be below 2 mmol/L. yup. crazy, huh?

i also have to take all these vaccinations. i’m not one to take the flu vaccine but now it’s recommended that i do. plus, i have to take two different types of vaccines for different strains of pneumonia!

*sigh* i’ve been very up and down about my condition. the above sometimes can make me feel a bit defeated but it’s what i must do.

so, for the time being, i’m trying to do whatever i can to not take any chances. i’ve switched over to food with no added sugar – unsweetened soy milk, plain greek yogurt and unsweetened peanut butter, for example. all carbs are only from multi-grain products. and no more than one healthy serving per meal (either 1/4 of a regular sized dinner plate or 1/3 or 1/2 cup serving; though for pasta and rice, it should be around the 1/3 cup mark).

i’m using egg white during the week for my breakfast but still allowing myself a couple of regular eggs on weekends (it’s okay to have a couple of yolks each week even with diabetes – normal people get to have 4 a week). i use low-fat cheese as a snack but have to admit that i’m still using regular cheese for my omelets (no more than an ounce, though). i do worry about this because there’s more saturated fats in the mix here.

i’ve upped my fish high in omega-3 twice the amount i use to have so there’s no issues there (i’m lucky that i love fish). and every lunch and dinner contains half a plate of leafy greens, at the least. my breakfast contains some type of veggies too but i’m not at the point where i can enjoy a salad for breakfast. 🙂 maybe i’ll just munch on some carrot sticks on the side of my egg-white omelets.

i don’t know what else i can do for my diet, to be honest. i’ve also sworn off alcohol until my next appointment. my husband thinks i should still have a few glasses of wine during our cruise but i said i would wait to see what my doctor and/or nutritionist have to say about that.

oh – and i still take cream in my coffee. i’ll switch to light cream, though. one step at a time.


6 thoughts on “the three evil whites

    • thanks – i have some ways to go as i’m learning more. there’s a lot of hidden no-no’s in sometimes what seems to be innocent food. the biggest challengs is when we eat out. or eat with my family – they’re not healthy at all. and i have yet to break the news to them about my health.

      just decided that starting next week, i’m going to use low-fat cottage cheese for my egg-white omelets! not sure why i forgot about cottage cheese – i like adding it to different stuff and sometimes even use it as a salad dressing. the protein and calcium are all added bonuses here.

    • this time of the year is always the hardest as far as temptation around the office – people bring in all sorts of sweets! i should be okay, though. 🙂 it’s getting to the point where i’m becoming too sensitive to sweets and sodium. i had one smartie a couple of weeks ago. just one piece – totally gross! but i’ll miss warm cinnamon buns! 🙂 good luck with the detox – i’m sure you are going to feel awesome in the end!

  1. I really admire you for trying to follow the recommended guidelines for people with diabetes. My parents and sister have lived with diabetes for a few years and they eat as if they’re teenagers! My sister can’t help herself when it comes to sushi. I believe she eats them almost every week. Also, she goes to all you can eat sushi buffets. It would probably be ok if she stuck with the sashimi but most of her sushi has rice in them. She also has borderline hypertension so the soy sauce doesn’t help in that regard.

    My dad doesn’t follow the insulin regimen, never checks his blood sugar and eats a plate full of rice almost every meal. My mom is probably slightly better but she still drinks regular soda. Her problem is that she has hypertension but she *still* eats a lot of high-sodium foods. Then she complains that she’s dizzy and asks my sister to take her to the clinic or hospital. Geez.. sometimes I don’t know what to do with them. I’m kinda glad I don’t live with them but at the same time, I worry. Nobody in that household is strict enough to monitor their dietary needs. Anyway, sorry to have dumped all that on you but my point is that, you are doing great! If you have a supportive family, then that’s already a big plus right there.

    • i’m so sorry to hear about your family’s struggle with trying to stay within the guidelines of a diabetes lifestyle. for sure i would also be glad not to be living in that environment (with or without diabetes) but i can only imagine how worried you are, too. my aunt is really bad with her smoking – and has high blood pressure issues. *sigh* i don’t have the faintest solution for people like us with stubborn family members. the main issue is probably denial? anyway… all i do is pray that they will be okay in the long run. somehow! 😦

      thank you for your support – i admit the reason why i am going full force on this is because my levels were a bit on the high side and that scared me. stress is a huge culprit. and i’ve managed my stress very poorly these past few years – stress on it’s own is already a silent killer.

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