random confessions no. 8

  1. everyone who knows me knows that i am becoming more and more quite the yogi. of course, i’m not sure what truly qualifies as being a yogi. do i need to pass some level of meditative state? should i have been to yoga retreats? all i know is that i’ve been practicing yoga for more than 3 years now. i feel funny calling myself a yogi. but i suppose that is, at the least, the path i’m on. anyway – yes, i do love yoga. but one of my most favourite things about yoga? the added bonus that i get to do it barefoot. putting on gym socks and tying my shoes is such a bitch!
  2. i’ve always wanted formal pants. i’ve always, always, ALWAYS worn a cocktail dress or long evening gown/dress. but a classic 2-piece formal outfit involving pants sounds, well… comfortable. i was looking for something to wear on my 2nd formal night on the cruise. so here you go.formal-weari bought the matching top as well. it will also work for my cousin’s wedding in january.
  3. i’m glad i’m right that rob forb did smoke crack. to all the people in my life that have been so hyper-supportive of our idiotic mayor, i’m happy to say, “i told you so.”

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