halloween - cat costume

last year’s funky cat costume

it’s that time of the year again. pumpkins have been bought and carved, costume planned and well, okay… we still have to go buy the candy. we now wait until a day or two before – especially if the weather calls for rain.

how wet this halloween will be will determine how many visitors we get. now that i have to watch my sugar intake,  i truly do not wish to have too many leftover halloween treats lying around!

this saturday, chaeli and i brought home two large pumpkins (2 for $5!) and one small one (chaeli thought it was cute – and it was only $0.99).

her and doug did some research online for some ideas and i must say they did a pretty good job! i have yet to decide what i want to do with the small one. rarely do i make faces on my pumpkins – i opt out for a design instead. i think one year i just did a crescent moon and some stars.

i’m a minimalist. i think my MIL hates that about me. she is the extreme opposite – more is better. but i’m always less is more. designers tend to understand this – negative space is a huge impact in design. i can’t help it if my work creativity flows over to my pumpkin carving.

same goes for my easter egg decorating.

i will be honest. i’m not a huge fan of halloween. during chaeli’s early years, it was a novelty for me. to see my kid look cute and immobile in the big fat pumpkin costume was a hoot. and i still love seeing her dress up as each year, we’re now trying to be more creative in putting the costume together rather than buying a whole made-up one. it’s something doug has been pushing for years. i avoided it because it’s more work to make one and/or put one together but i do see the advantage in it.

for one, it will be original. and 2nd, you can do a lot with wearing everyday, store-bought clothes with the right accessories.

last year, chaeli was a funky cat. decked out all in black with a poofy mini-skirt, we just bought her a tail and ear kit. we got her some cheap, black, faux-suede boots, too. along with a couple of smaller stuff that didn’t cost much.

this year, she wants to go as a cat again but i bought her a mini-balloon skirt from children’s place that has shiny leopard spots all over it. add some red and silver hair spray to the effect and she’s now upgraded to a punk rock leopard!

still, i am not looking forward to that after-work rush to get dinner down. and then the before bedtime rush that follows. next year, halloween will be on a friday – a little less chaotic.


3 thoughts on “pre-halloween

  1. I can’t believe how big Chaeli is now!! Thank God Connor is off from school Halloween and the day after. I took Friday off so that will help a lot. We’re not decorating that much for Halloween either.

    Regarding candy, I usually buy candy that I don’t like so that way, I won’t get tempted. Though the candies you get from outside may be a different case.

    • we always end up throwing chaeli’s halloween loot after awhile because she/we can never finish it! not long afterwards, there’s christmas treats and then valentine treats and then easter treats… it never ends. i try to be creative in buying non-candy treats for valentine and easter but there’s still always halloween treats. it’s ridiculous! chaeli likes chocolate and candy but she only likes them a little at a time. i’m thankful for that, actually. 🙂

      lucky you for having some time off. i am already planning to wake up at 5am that day just to do my p90x workout in the morning instead of after work – so i can get things moving for the trick-or-treating portion of the night! i’m working from home friday, though. so that might not be so bad.

  2. Great costume! I wish I was more creative. Though I’m not a fan of dress-up, I am sad to see that my oldest is done with dressing up at all. He will be trick-or-treating as himself tonight, which I’m bummed about. Have a great one!

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