fashion is more fun in the fall

old navy leopard sweater dressi spent an hour yesterday sorting through chaeli’s summer clothes and fall/winter clothes. a garbage bag of clothes is now ready to be donated as i tucked her summer clothes away and reorganized her drawers with fall and winter clothes.

i tried to keep some of her summer clothes out that i may need for our caribbean cruise – that part was a little tricky and i’m sure i kept more than i needed out and available.

chaeli prefers summer clothes – the ability to wear t-shirts and shorts is much more liberating. i suppose she is right. i remember feeling the same way when i was a kid.

but as an adult, fall fashion is way more fun. not only because of the boots (i love boots!) – it’s just that there’s something to be said with more fabric choices. and in some ways, more accessories.

i dug out this leopard printed sweater dress from the back of my closet for work today – paired with my black ankle booties. it is a little bit too loose on me this year so i may just have to go shopping for another sweater dress. every girl needs a sweater dress in her closet, after all.


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