random confessions no. 7

i’m such a clutz.

this isn’t a true confession for anyone who knows me. i have the ability to fall and trip over nothing. i’ve fallen down the stairs countless of times. i’ve bumped my head on bars at the gym (same bars, too; apparently, i never learn). and i’ve gotten one of my heel caught in the cuff of the opposite leg from these wide-leg, khaki pants i use to wear at work. it’s embarrassing when you have people rush over to you, asking what happened after they see you fall out of no where. while i only got caught tripping over my own pants once, it was the 3rd time it happened with that exact same pair of pants. which is why i don’t where them anymore.

just now, i was on the ground trying to adjust my seat but had to look at all the options i had to adjust this and that (i hate high-tech chairs). while getting up, i stepping on my own hand.


how does one step on their own hand? :/

i would say i should live in a bubble to protect myself from future accidents but apparently, i could still step on my own hand in said bubble.


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