two parties, sunday swiss chard and chaeli’s mid-terms

yesterday was a bit of an odd day. not in a bad way, but just that for a weekend where doug is home for one day, we normally try to take it easy. chaeli, however, had two birthday parties (both invites from classmates). it was great, mind you. for one, it’s nice for her classmates to get together as a large group off school hours like this. they’ve all been working so hard studying for tests and working on their natural habitat projects – this was a perfect opportunity for them to blow off some steam as they are only half-way through what i call their ‘mid-terms.’

more importantly, it allowed doug and i a bit of time to ourselves. during her morning ‘glow-in-the-dark mini-golf’ party, we went to a starbucks (inside an indigo) just down the street from where she was. i had brought my ipad, fully intending on reading but doug and i ended up planning our vacation for next year (it’s time for him to send in his vacation day picks for 2014). it also gave us some time, after we had our breakfast (egg-white, spinach and feta whole-wheat wraps – a godsend for diabetics), to  look around a bit in the store.

our mini-date extended to lunch as the 2nd party was within the same plaza. just 3 stores down from the mini-golf place was the indoor laser place. all we had to do was walk her from one to the other. if i had known one of her best friends was going to both, i probably would have asked the father if chaeli could just go with them. though i did feel better to have the ability to check up on her. plus, the 2nd half of the party was in the arcade of the mini-golf place. they all received a bunch of tokens which generates a certain amount of tickets to trade in for prizes.

when we got there, chaeli was already at the prize collection counter, trading in her tickets for all sorts of small knickknacks. she wouldn’t have anywhere to put these little prizes, plus the loot bag, during the 2nd party. so it was good we were there to take them back to the car for her.

and wait… proud parent moment here… there was a girl, a cousin of the birthday girl whom chaeli never met until that day, that didn’t get enough points to buy anything good. chaeli treated this girl with 30 points so the girl could get a mini-heart shaped slinky like chaeli got (two of, actually) for herself.

her generosity and compassion never fails to surprise us.

the 2nd party was just as fun, according to chaeli. she’s never done laser tag before. it was  funny listening to all the antics that happened. her best friend, the same one mentioned above, kept on getting lost in the maze so the team ended up splitting up most of the time. and that wasn’t for some strategic purpose. it just sounded like pure chaos. 🙂

so this 2nd party, allowed doug and i to check out a pub (also down the street), owned by doug’s co-worker’s  BIL. the pub, called King Henry’s Arms, has been there for a while but the BIL only took over the place two years ago.

pubs are a bit tricky for me now that i’m watching my diet. still, i reserve going to pubs as a treat and will continue to do so. i stick with ordering a side salad instead of fries and try to get wings (not battered though) with a seasoning that doesn’t involve any type of sauce (which would have sugar in the mix). the wings at this place was not to be missed! big, fat, juicy wings seasoned just right!

i treated myself, however, to some of their curry fries – shared with doug. i had thought it would just be fries (they used waffle fries) with some curry, gravy-like sauce. was i wrong. it was more like a chicken curry stew on top of the crispy, waffle fries. oh my. heaven!

oh… and i also had a stone hammer light beer. yes, the rare beer i have from now on, will be of the light variety. but it’s not so bad – i have issues with that heavy and full feeling i get from regular beer, anyway. and this micro-brewery, F&M, makes a very nice-tasting light beer!

swiss chard

perfect for omlettes and salads

this morning, i decided to use up the rest of our swiss chard before it went bad. one thing i love about swiss chard is that it’s a great change and substitute from spinach. and since our baby spinach is still very fresh, i would rather save that for our salads.

i quickly chopped some swiss chard up and made an omelette for myself – adding a bit of light goat cheese, as well. chaeli had just scrambled eggs. we both had some chicken bacon and grapes. i also had a multi-grain bagel, toasted.

at the moment, i’m just blogging as i have my cup of coffee. soon, i’ll head downstairs and continue to chop up some more veggies for my morning omelette for work the next couple of days, as well as some tomatoes so i can add that to salads, my omelette sandwich and/or tuna/salmon sandwich. i’m starting to get cravings for that added fresh produce taste to accompany every meal, now. even breakfast. i hope to keep this habit up as i’m sure it will benefit my health (and my family’s, as well).

chaeli, right now, is studying for her music theory & history test tomorrow. i mentioned at the beginning of this blog that she and her classmates are in the midst of their ‘mid-terms’. of course, you are thinking, how can grade four students have mid-terms? well, they don’t, really. i’ve probably mentioned this a year ago, but this is the time of the year where academics is really intense. doug always curses this time of year but i try to remind him that this is, really, the worst for the whole school year. they have little to evaluate them on and require a good amount of proper evaluation for the first report card. and it seems that they really put a lot of emphasis on the first report card because it allows the teachers to pinpoint any weak areas that can be improved on for the rest of the year.

it does feel like it never ends, though. we’ve been through a couple of weeks of tests already. i reviewed her october schedule on her academic calendar and thought, surely they’ve covered most of the tests already. we must be past the halfway point by now.

but, no. we’re still right in the middle. in fact, i think we’re not even right at the half-way mark. 5 down, 6 more to go. and that’s not including any pop-quizes that might spring up. plus, they are still working on their science project.

then as we get closer to december, things sort of ease up and won’t get too crazy until mid-january. there are 3 swells of this period though this is always the most craziest of the three.

they are, however, tough little buggers. i commend them all – there’s no way in hell i would have survived even the requirements of grade 2 these days back when i was their age.


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