sugar reduced pumpkin pie, autumn hike and more zombies

this past thanksgiving weekend was way busier than planned. with doug and i celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and a last-minute thanksgiving party with friends, we also had cousins from vancouver visiting (lunch on wednesday after my physical and a peking duck dinner friday night) as well as our traditional thanksgiving feast at my parents’ place on sunday.

doug and i (and chaeli) made the whole wheat bread stuffing, curried butternut squash soup (just a cup for everyone as an appetizer) and my traditional pumpkin pie. the difference this year was that i cut the sugar down to 1/2 of what the recipe called for and used an extra teaspoon of cinnamon. it finally appeased my parents who always complains my pumpkin pie is too sweet.

i was so tired, though, that i wasn’t able to enjoy the bliss of an after-turkey-feast. it took me everything in my power to try and stay awake. on the ride home, i was totally out.

on monday, we went for a hike in the woods. the changing fall colours are now almost over but we managed to still see some lingering splashes of red, orange and yellow. doug has a route on the way back from the little rouge creek, that takes us off the main trail. a good choice because there were so many people hiking that day. all through the year, the rouge trails are not that busy but come thanksgiving weekend, BAM! you have everyone and their dogs out and about!

the small path that separates us from the main one leads to an upper field. it was along this path we were able to let hobbes be leash-free. he bounced and bounded everywhere!

when i came back home, i took a 45 minute nap. so while this past weekend was a lot of fun, it was more tiring than i had anticipated.

still, i managed to get in some walking dead. i’m on season 3, episode 6. i have the biggest soft-spot for daryl.


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