eating with diebetes 2 – and so it starts

it’s been a little challenging  for me these past few days. not because i have to watch my eating  habits. it’s because my doctor told me to continue with my normal eating routine. i’m not suppose to change anything because he wants an accurate reading for my diabetes glucose test.

seriously? does he know me but at all?

if i’m going to accept his diagnosis that he’s 99.99999% sure i’m diabetic, i’m not one to just sit around and do nothing. of course i would have loved to finish off all my fries with the chicken breast wrap i had yesterday at the village idiot pub (the fries was given to me by the new waiter by accident – i had asked to sub the fires with the side, mixed green salad but he just heard salad and gave me an order of the appetizer size; he was nice to not charge me for the salad, though).

it wasn’t even fries that i wanted but there they were… sitting there all crispy and steamy right from the deep frier. still, i had about a serving size (sadly, that’s about 10-15 fries) and let doug take whatever he wanted – he had a big salad so it wasy okay (he is trying to eat healthy with me for both support and because he knows he needs to lose weight, too).

my doctor’s voice came into my mind and said, “it’s okay – i want you to eat normally as you have been.” i just couldn’t do it though. i knew i not only had the green light but this was an instruction. by my doctor for crying out loud! but all i can see now, are these poisonous x-like marks on these no-no food. i just can’t ignore it and the idea of eating them sort of freaks me out a bit.

i’ve been trying to compromise – eating somewhere in between how i would normally eat and opting for more healthier options. the thing is, this isn’t completely unlike me. up until my physical, i was sort of letting myself indulge (not binging – just a little more freely than usual) but i always follow-up with said indulgence with healthy eating. and i do this not because i feel guilty but my body tells me it needs better nourishment – and so i listen.

anyway – if i know i’m going out to eat and may not have as much choices, i’m going to be careful during the day. for example, last night. when you eat out with family at a chinese restaurant, the parental unit does the ordering and since they do not know i am diabetic yet, it’s difficult for me to make too many requests for vegetable dishes. and what do you know, 3 dishes last night were fried meat and one was even sweet and sour pork. plus peking duck which i love but is so high in saturated fat.

for dessert, i watched my family eat a chocolate caramel cake while i nibbled on grapes and almonds with my very unsweetened coffee (note to self: carry a couple of sweet ‘n lows from now on). they were a bit baffled that i was passing up chocolate cake but my excuse was that i was trying to be good since we’re coming up to thanksgiving dinner and our caribbean cruise. they bought it – it wasn’t a real lie, just not the full truth.

i wish i could test my own blood now but have to wait until after my next blood test.



2 thoughts on “eating with diebetes 2 – and so it starts

  1. Reading about this makes me think twice about what I eat. I also had gestational diabetes when I had my daughter so I know what you mean about having a higher risk with getting Type 2 diabetes. So far, I’ve tested normal in my glucose tests but I need to be mindful about what I eat. I think when I had GD, I ate so healthy during that time just because a lot of carbs were banned from my diet. Of course, afterwards, I started eating them but I do try to lessen the amount of carbs I consume.

    What concerns me is that you eat healthy and you also exercise regularly and you still ended up developing Type 2. That just tells me that it’s a possibility I might develop it as well. My immediate family all have Type 2 diabetes, including my sister who’s younger than me. I wish you the best of luck. I know it’s hard but lots of people live with it successfully.

    • thanks! all i can say is – try not to think too much about it. sometimes, these things are not in our control. the good thing is that it’s a little different with diabetes 2 in that i’m learning that the diet is not as strict as when we had GD. i am guessing that is because we didn’t have much room to ‘play around with’ to figure out what diet best works for us and what our limitations were. we were midway through our pregnancy and everything counted to keeping our babies safe.

      i remember they didn’t want me to have ANY desserts. not even a sliver (though a couple of times, i did have a couple of bitefuls from my husband’s plate). and i had to do something like 30-45 grams of carbs per meal (15 grams per snack) as my general guideline.

      doing some research of diabetes 2, it’s more like 45-60 grams per meal. and of course, adjusting it to get that optimal amount since everyone’s different.

      there’s also a lot of recipes out there catered towards diabetes or pre-diabetes (or those at risk) that taste pretty damn good! 🙂 everyone could benefit from these types of lifestyle food choices without going hungry and feeling quite satisfied.

      anyway, hopefully, you will never get diabetes 2 – and you may not even though GD has make your risk higher. but if you do get it, you’re right, it’s at least something much easier to manage these days with all the right information and tools out there.

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