nuit blanche 2013

hybrid globe - nuit blanche 2013

Hybrid Globe by Arthur Wrigglesworth, Mohammad Mehdi Ghiyaei, Mojtaba Samimi

we finally had a chance to do nuit blanche this year, after many years of saying we should go. it was just something more do-able this past weekend now that chaeli is older. i’m sure we could have done it last year but we needed the nudge from ada and hoa (something like this is always more fun with friends).

the human sweat - nuit blanche 2013

The Human Sweat by Warren Quigley

starting off at bloor, we made our way down queen’s park where the PARADE collection was found. one of the first was my friend’s installation, The Human Sweat (Warren Quigley).

this art project was a series of bikes connected to generators – each powering some type of output (whether audio or visual). the fun interactive piece has, what i think, an eerie view of what might become the future when much of our natural resources become more and more depleted. how would we use energy if we are the ones who must physically create it?

A Quack Cure by Lisa Hirmer (DodoLab)

i will be honest, i didn’t understand what this performance piece was about until i went back to the nuit blanche webpage, a quack cure. but chaeli loved standing there just watching the characters go on about their business. i listened to some of the dialogue. it was interesting… the performers seemed to be acting out a story but the dialogue itself had nothing to do with their actions. it sounded like… small talk.

parallax - nuit blanche 2013

PARALLAX by Andrew Choptiany, Mark Erickson, Matthew Kennedy, Clayton Blackman and Sam Lock (Idea Tank Design Collective)

here’s chaeli taking a closer look at this huge light fixture created by horizontal tubes of different sizes. i loved this one – very mesmerizing. as we approached it, it looked like an outline of a firetruck. yes – it was that big.

forever bicycles - nuit blanche 2013

Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei

the biggest (and most crowded) structure was ai weiwei’s forever bicycles. for those that missed it during nuit blanche, it will stay up for awhile right in the middle of nathan philips square.

i’m not surprised to learn it is staying up. over 3000 bikes were used to make this statue. i doubt very much they would take it down after it took them hours to put it up. it’s definitely a wonderful display – much bigger in life as the photos do not do it justice.

the above piece was part of the Off to a Flying Start portion of nuit blanche. we didn’t get even close to the 3rd area, Romancing the Anthropocene. i’d very much like to say that it was mainly due to it being too late for chaeli and that hobbes was home waiting for us, but the truth was that i didn’t have it in me to go on any further. the ttc ride back to our parked car and then drive from the last station was close to an hour commute. it was well worth the whole night but i was starting to yawn uncontrollably starting around 9:30pm.

for dinner, we found our way on dundas st. where all these lovely ethnic family-owned restaurants can be found. it felt good to take a break around 8pm for some japanese food and cold japanese beer.

rest of the night’s photo can be found here.


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