how to survive a zombie attack

  1. carry a crossbow or at the very least a sharp pointy stake, preferably made of metal, and jab it in through their eye socket.

  2. although slow, they can suddenly appear all around you like ninjas.  to avoid this, keep your head on a swivel and look in all directions at all times.  you may want to use a small mirror to alleviate neck strain from looking back.

  3. always wear a thick winter coat, snow pants, tall boots, gloves, 3 scarves, earmuffs and ski goggles to avoid getting bit when throwing out the trash.


tai sent me the above instructions after i emailed out to a group of friends (all who have been encouraging me to get over my fear of zombies and watch the walking dead already) about how the other night, i went into the garbage bin room of our underground parking lot, looking both ways for any signs of zombies.

i had only watched 5 minutes of walking dead at that point (had to turn it off after the first intense scene – which wasn’t even as intense as the next few).

oh – and i made the mistake of googling ‘scenes from walking dead’. ada questioned why i would do that. i never said i was all that bright.

i had been trying to watching the popular show for months now. yes… months! i have heard great things of how well it is written. but it was stil hard… very hard… for me to turn on my netflix and watch the show.

zombies terrify me.

vampires and werewolves? no problem! simple and fun folklore.

zombie survival guidebut zombies… the reality of a zombie apocolypse? it’s possible. maybe not something that could bring a person back from the dead but there are zombie-like viruses right in our natural world as we speak. sure, something like rabies can be cured. and the other mind-controlling parasites in the animal kingdom affect small species at this point.

but lets face it – a superbug of this type from mutation, evolution and cross-species transmission and BOOM! you’ve got yourself a zombie apocolypse.

having said all that, i did manage to stomach the first 2 episodes and i’m hooked. my friends have good taste in shows, movies and books so i trusted their recommendation. i love the characters, so far – especially andrew lincoln whom i fell in love with from love actually.

3 thoughts on “how to survive a zombie attack

    • lol! that’s right – i read on your blog that you are a big-time ‘walking dead’ fan! 🙂 it’s definitely addictive. now that i’ve started (even though i’m late joining in on this bandwagon), i can’t stop thinking about it and i can’t wait to see the next episode! they just added season 3 on netflix, too.

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