coral mani and the continuation of twilight saga

another girl’s day with the start of brunch at our usual, local diner followed by a mother-daughter manicure session. i have now bought my own manicure tools – the place we go to is pretty good at sterlizing everything in front of you but it gave me more comfort to have my own set of tools.

chaeli picked blue (as she always does though each time, she picks different shades, sometimes sparkly, sometimes not…) and i picked this beautiful, bright coral colour. something i’ve eyes on other women’s nails. as it fits the warmer months, i figured i should get it now as we’re still being blessed with temperature in the low 20’s during the day. and lots of sunshine.

doug and i have an appointment at a spa for our 10th wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weekends which includes 1 hr massages followed by a lavendar manicure for me and a men’s manicure for him. the massages will be covered by our employee benefits but the manicures will be a treat.

i just couldn’t wait, though, and decided to settle for a basic manicure at a regular no-frills nail spa to tie me over.

and i’ve needed the pampering.

we’re about to watch the third twilight movie, eclipse. chaeli’s says she’s all about team jacob (becuase he’s cuter).

oh god help us…


4 thoughts on “coral mani and the continuation of twilight saga

  1. That sounds like such a pleasant way to spend a day. The only time I’ve done a mother-daughter manicure is when my son was getting married about 3 years ago. It was a little hectic rather than relaxing.

    Congratulations, in advance, for the 10 years. How wonderful to have massages covered by employee benefits!!

    • thank you! i’m looking forward to manicure at the spa we’ve booked, though. the hand/arm massage is a little more-so then the quick hand massage at these no-frill type places.

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