talking politics, environment and Twilight with a 9 year old

it’s been difficult to blog lately. the start of school is always a big transition from the slower pace (well, slow for us) summer days.

thankfully, chaeli has been making it quite easy on us. there’s a noted level of maturity in her. she’s always been good at doing her homework but there’s been less encouragement from us so far, as she takes fuller responsibility for herself in this department. also, she’s been working really hard to get as much done at school (unlike past years where her need to socialize won out on the daily battle).

i’m interested in her school curriculum as after the parent-teacher meet and greet night, i got a glimpse of what they will be studying this year. one really big plus is their science studies, which will be focusing on the different types of natural environments.

chaeli’s just getting into the BBC documentary, blue planet (she’s a big fan on anything to do with marine life) and as we were also recently given a free copy of planet earth (with the added help of david suzuki’s nature of things series), we’ve been discussing the importance of maintaining habitats for animals. she is questioning why the government is allowing for these beautiful areas of nature destroyed for oil, wood and other natural resources. she is questioning if the government, then, are just very bad people – good question. not at all easy to answer as they are included in the accountability of promoting businesses that are increasing the risk of endangered species and loss of habitats, but are not the only ones involved in these decisions.

the conversation i had with chaeli yesterday, boiled down to the fact that people, naturally, have the ability to be greedy. some more than others.

overall, we’ve been trying our best to try to explain to her some of the realities of this world we live in (with even a question of whether or not we’ll ever be successful at enabling a colony on another planet one day when we destroy planet earth).

anyway, i’m hoping to continue to teach her about the importance of ecosystems and some of the symbiotic relationships commonly found that affects all living things on our planet.

another interesting subject will be her in-class novel study. they will be tackling tuck everlasting. the teachers have admitted they find this quite a challenging book for this age group to be added to the curriculum. i did some online research and while the age group for this novel is from 9-12, most people say it is probably an easier read for 11-13 years old.

so, to help chaeli, i’ve ordered the trade paperback version and will read the book myself. the aim is to elicit a discussion about immortality – and whether it is a blessing or not.

and speaking of immortality, chaeli’s been asking to watch the entire twilight series – of which she is also asking if she can read the books as well. so, yesterday, i let her watch the first two movies – she is hooked. i’ve read some people stating it is not appropriate for a 9-year-old to read the twilight series and normally, i would agree. if she wants to continue reading the books, i’ll most likely stop her at breaking dawn until she is a teen. throughout her reading and watching the movies, i’ll have some serious discussions with her about healthy relationships (with the added bonus of our first conversation on immortality; noting to her this is a topic she will be discussing in class while reading tuck everlasting – whatever helps).

i actually think it’s easier to have this type of discussion before girls go into the obsessive, boy-craze phase. you actually get a grasp of their true attention before you lose them to hormones and all hell breaks loose.


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