dream cheating part II

i had another dream about usher.

this is getting embarrassing. really. but let me point out that i was in my late 20’s – doug was not in the picture yet so technically, yet again, i didn’t actually dream cheat.

in this particular dream, he tweeted about how he was looking forward to his visit to toronto, especially because he had a special date lined up. i have no idea how it even got to this stage but i knew he was talking about a date with me (this is where everyone who might be reading this will laugh and think, well, yeah, this really must have been a dream…)

he then tweeted a personal, direct message to me, telling me to get ready to go all night.

yes, i know. the words are taken directly from his Scream lyrics. i didn’t boast that this was a good dream. everything about this dream, in fact, is pretty cheesy.

anyway… so i started to panic. like, really panic. i was dying to go on this date with usher. but the words ‘go all night’ spun me into an anxiety attack!

how the hell can i go all night? i can’t do that! even at that age, 2 hours max.. maybe 3 hours. but all night???

yes – i am talking about sex and the performance of endurance. it freaked me out!

well, didn’t matter. like the last one, i woke up before any of the dirty stuff happened.



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