camping in awenda – august 2013

awenda provincial park camping

chilling out at site 184

awenda provincial park - camping

hobbes is a big sucky, baby when camping

as mentioned in my last post, we just came back from a 4-night camping trip.

the campsites at awenda provicial park are pretty much all quality sites. about 98% of what i saw were well maintained and mostly very private due to the fact that they each had what i would describe as a long “driveway” which leads to an opening deeper into the woods.

we had site 184 the first 3 nights, then moved to site 208 (electrical) on the last night – we booked a bit too late to take advantage of an electrical site for the entire stay. each site felt very secluded as our neighbours were not right next to us and actually had a fair distance walking in between (as i noted more so during the night when i had to walk to the washroom).

awenda provincial park - kettle lake

quiet Kettle Lake

awenda provincial park - kettle lake

checking out the rental canoes

a very nice part of the park was this little lake they had for canoeing and fishing.  we rented a canoe for 4 hours (total $25) and used it for about 3 hours as we came back to shore for a picnic lunch.

we didn’t succeed with much fishing, though. doug caught a small perch, which we released. the problem was that it was also hobbes’ first canoe trip. he tolerated it but didn’t love it. and when he saw our live bait (worms) and the fish, the canoe all of the sudden became very tippy as he edged his way to one side and stretched out his neck in order to try and get closer to the wiggling specimens.

the paddling, however, was beautiful. i loved being back in the boat again, and as always, am filled with peace for the present moment each time i feel the pull of the paddle against the water.

awenda provincial park - beach

view from beach 1 area

awenda provincial park - beach

view from dog beach

there are five beaches in total. we passed by beach no. 1 for a quick photo shoot (top) but only spent time at the dog beach since that was the only one hobbes was allowed onto. while we felt it was very small, i loved the view of the rocks along the shallow parts of the shoreline.

doug’s co-worker was also camping with his family while we were there, so we spent a couple of nights at his campfire (they have an 8 month old baby with an earlier bedtime so it was easier for us to join them than the other way around). it was nice having the chance to get to know one of doug’s firefighter friends – hope we can get together with them some time down the road for some pints and more story telling!

all in all, i didn’t want to leave when the morning we had to pack up arrived. the joy of being outdoors so much really helped calmed my nerves which was, before leaving, at an all-time, dangerous high. i hate being back to face all that i left behind (or put on pause) but at least i’m energized to face the music, more or less.

view awenda provincial park – august 2013 camping photo set.


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