oakville o&b and jazzfest

the blogging has slowed down as we countdown to the end of summer.

i’ve been meaning to blog about our fun weekend last saturday evening but work has been really stressful with a new web launch along with a WSIB health and safety audit. but that’s all i’ll say about work for the time being. there’s been so many frustrations – i’m still too frustrated and angry about it all. lets just say this – i have a great manager. i’m reminded of this even more so as i’ve had the unpleasant experience of teaming up with another manager recently, who is the complete opposite of my manager.

so… last saturday. it was a big evening for me. not just because it was the one day of about two weeks where i got to relax and enjoy myself. but the fact that i was able to get together with one family (who moved out there a few years ago) for the first time since before christmas and my friend, yvonne, whom i hadn’t seen probably since before then as well. ada and hoa were also there – just getting back from europe the week before.

we started our evening at o&b cafe grill where they reserved the big, old-style, distressed, wooden table to seat the ten of us. it was great – big, blocky and beautiful. the only thing, as my friend, cor, pointed out, it was a little too big for chaeli and their two daughters to sit and talk with one another. luckily, not only was it not a busy night but we had the corner to that part of the restaurant all to ourselves. cor asked the waitress if it would be possible to set up the table of four in the corner for just the girls. it was, they said, no problem at all.

and there you have it. the three girls were on their own, but close enough for us to keep an eye on. we adults had an actual adult dinner with fairly little interruptions. we explained to the kids what the restaurant could make for them and the waitress took their order without much help from us. and when one of them needed to use the washroom, they went together – letting us sit. and eat. and talk!

heaven. sheer heaven. once in awhile, one adult (especially ada, yvonne and hoa), would go over and chat with them (while stealing a french fry or two) . it was the best of both worlds. they had their space, we had ours,

oakville jass festival

3 amigos

i still got a chance to spend some time with the two girls of our friends (totally missed them) as afterwards, we headed down to the jass festival.

hoa was smart – he had a light meal knowing there was going to be a lot of food vendors sampling out various yummies from $3 to $5.

music was heard everywhere with a lot of live performances. there was even some demonstration from the fred astaire dance studio.

all in all, we had a fantastic time.

i was, however, very tired by the time we arrived home. it didn’t take me much time to fall asleep and drift to la-la-land.


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