mother & daughter breakfast and manicure

manicure - nail arti took chaeli out for breakfast at this neighbourhood restaurant. the place has really old decorations which looked like it was last designed back in the 80’s only the person decorating it was still stuck in the 70’s. if that makes any sense.

but lots of people come back to this place to eat. i definitely wouldn’t say it’s a great place for lunch and dinner. but for breakfast? perfect. if all you want is the traditional eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and the occasional pancake or two, this is the place to go.

the service is fast and the price is great. everything was prepared well. chaeli’s scrambled eggs, choice of 2 breakfast sausage or ham or bacon, 1 toast and a generous amount of home fries came to $3.99. my 3 eggs, 2 toast, 3 bacon or sausage and home fries, came out to $4.99.

afterwards, we went next door to the nail place. i treated chaeli with a kid’s manicure (which is only just some filing and nail polish. they always seem to do a great job with chaeli. with me? it’s a hit or miss. my one hand looks great. the other? 3 nails have ‘nail polish bubbles’. i don’t really care because i go to get my cuticles fixed, my nails filed down and smoothed over, any work around the nails (i have very dry skin) and of course, the pampering. but the actual nail polish work, well, i’ve had better. the problem is the one place i go to with B, is not in our area. all the places around our area, you won’t find anything less than $15.  but that place B introduced me to a couple of years ago is only $8. i really have to make an effort to go there more often. true, it’s far. but a subway ride plus 1 street car transfer might be well worth it. especially to have brunch/lunch at one of the many delicious places to eat around the area.

and as far as that place may be, they have given me the best manicure ever! outside the more posh and expensive spa’s i’ve been to, this place truly does quality work.

but we had shopping to do for a bbq-pool party tomorrow and for when my parents come over for dinner monday night over the civic holiday. i just wanted to stay local.

either way, chaeli loved her nail polish choice – plus they do a little art work for free for kids 11 and under. she was tickled pink!


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