nostalgic summer days

tomorrow will be the last day of july. and like other summers, only as each year passes, it seems to get worse and worse, i feel almost an anxiety attack hovering over my head, ready to strike at any moment as i stop and look at the first half of our summer and think, yes, as always, where did the time go? and then i look ahead for our month of august and it almost makes my stomach churn knowing it will all be over with a blink of an eye.

a blink of an eye. it use to be just an expression to me. now, the saying holds so much more…

summer patio 2005

hanging out on our patio – summer 2005

we went out for dim sum with friends this past weekend, then hung out in their backyard as our kids played. it was nice – the kids have not seen each other for about half this year so they were doing what they needed to catch up on lost time.

my friend asked if i’ve gotten use to doug’s routine. and the answer is that i truly have. summer time is actually just a little harder because of the 8-9 weekends, we only get him for 4 weekends. at the same time, chaeli and i have gotten use to hanging out when he’s on shift.

and it’s been a lot of fun. we hang, we talk, we eat out, we shop and on the occasion, we get our nails done. on rainy days, we stay in and watch movies – from pixar to superheros to even romantic comedies  (PG rated ones, of course).

i need to slow down. stop and relax. it’s the only way to enjoy the rest of the summer.

well, that and weekend (and some weekdays) gin and tonics.


3 thoughts on “nostalgic summer days

  1. Totally with you. where has the summer gone?! Though we still have a month left of summer, I know it’ll be over in a blink. Enjoy the rest of your summer and yes, we all need to slow down and relax.

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