“yoga is so boring!”

i think i’ve heard enough of that comment to be at the point where i should expect it.

but it still baffles me.

i’m not saying that yoga is very everyone. but of those who say it’s boring, i question if they have even tried different varieties of yoga teachings before being an expert in calling it boring.

why i know this? because the comment usually involves, “i mean… 1 hour down on a mat, all that stretching… i need something with more energy!”


because my yoga sessions rarely have me lying down on a mat except at the very end. i sweat more during yoga than when i’m doing cardio at the gym. my heart rate and breathing all increase to a pretty intense level. and i feel it in my body the next day – sometimes 2 or 3 days later!

the problem is that everyone who is unfamiliar with yoga think that all yoga is the typical hatha style (even this is incorrect as true hatha has so many variants) seen here in north america. meanwhile, they really need to check out ashtanga yoga. or my preference is ashtanga yoga mixed with vinyasa yoga. simply because i do enjoy the flow especially at the beginning as i warm-up, preparing my body for the balance poses and inverted poses.

yoga is also not just for the exercise – but a way of life. a way of thinking and even spiritual healing. there’s more than just stretching and breathing in yoga. it’s a choice to keep yoga in oneself throughout the day in everything one does.

and for those that think it is too easy, i have just one more point to make. everyone i know who has gotten into yoga – most of them are athletic people to begin with – will admit that yoga has improved there athletic abilities in more than one way. myself included. i feel more athletic at age 40 than when i was 25. and i was pretty serious back then. i attribute most of this to yoga.


3 thoughts on ““yoga is so boring!”

    • restorative type is great, too. i wish i had a restorative style yoga class early saturday mornings at my local gym to help me just balance everything out after a long week. maybe i should see if i can get a dvd for me to do it at home – since i normally do home practices.

      rather, friday nights or saturday mornings, i do a gentle vinyasa flow that focuses more on stretching and lengthening the body rather than anything hardcore. i’ve been meaning to look into a lunar sessions for before bedtime.

      yoga has so many varieties and it may take some people awhile to find the right one. but i believe, for those willing to give it a fair shot, all types are all good for us – mind, body & soul.

  1. The first time I did yoga I thought it was boring. It’s not your typical exercise and takes a different kind of strength. I think that once you get use to it and know what to expect, it gets a bit more challenging and engaging.

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