ball’s falls and beamsville region

yesterday, we took a day trip down to ball’s falls conservation and local area around beamsville. the trip to ball’s falls was for a light hike. light, it certainly was. the website described the trail to the lower falls to be about 40 minutes and the trail to the upper falls to be about 50 minutes – both times were for to and fro from the parking lot/visitor’s centre.

i doubt both took longer than 60 minutes altogether.  which is fine if you are really looking for a very light hike. but given that we’re use to something with just a little more challenge at least in duration, if not the actual trail difficulty, it was a surprise for us. not that we minded the beautiful scenery. it was just an awfully long drive (construction) just for such a short hike.

still, we made the most of it. along the way back, we stopped at a small, road side farmer’s market for some freshly picked, niagara peaches, cold apple cider and a bottle of apple syrup. then we stopped at dillon’s distillery for some sampling of ontario vodka, whiskey and gin (she prepared the gin for me as a mini gin & tonic, bless her heart!) we brought home a large bottle of gin and two types of their bitters – lime and pear.

here are some photos of ball’s falls…

historical ball's falls

anglican church

ball's falls - old  stone oven

time to make some pizza!

before the lower falls trail, we passed by a historical area with artifacts from the mid-1800’s. this time capsul illustrates life of the ball family during their early settlement in the niagara area.

ball's falls - lower falls

lower ball’s falls

ball's falls - lower falls

falls model

the lower falls is what most people come to see – with the falls equal in both width and height.

ball's falls - ruins of woolen mill

ruins of where yarn was made.

along our hike to the upper falls, we passed by the ruins of what use to be a woolen mill.


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