back to silver snails comic book store…

pretentious silver snail - comic book store

posing with r2d2 at silver snail

first day after chaeli came back from thunder bay, we took her downtown (via the subway) to silver snails (comic book store). by ‘we’, i also mean my parents because my dad had promised to buy her next purchase. lucky chaeli – she got 10 new teen titan comics books. though four of them were only $1 each. they took the original new teen titans which i grew up with and re-did some in this strange quality. i wouldn’t say it’s bad quality – just not… comic book quality. anyway – the stock used must have been pretty cheap so it’s not meant for collectors. but for a kid, it’s wonderful!

and this time, unlike the last, i’m going to have to say the customer service was terrible. the girl behind the cashier could not wait to get rid of me and flirt with some geek-boy customer. i got a rude response when i just wanted to ask her if the price for kid’s t-shirts were the same as adults. rather than answer me, she pointed at the shirt i held up and in a really snarky manner, exclaimed, “that IS a kid’s shirt!”

“yes,” i replied back, patiently, “what i’m asking is how much?”

“same as the adults.”

“so if i buy it with an adult shirt, i get the same discount?” ($19.99 for 1; $34.99 for 2)

“yeah, yeah, yeah…” then turning away from me immediately to the geek-boy customer, “hey! that’s a really cool shirt!”

it would have been laughable (for me) if i weren’t fuming at that type of treatment. my pet peeve is bad customer service. i know no one enjoys bad customer service, but lately, i’ve been pretty sensitive to how bad it’s become lately. and i blame our canadian customers – which has included me from time to time, as well.

we’re way too passive aggressive. we need to fight back! not in a way that is whiny and being too picky – but i think we let too many bad customer service situations go on without a complaint.

anyway… that’s another rant. but basically, that will be the last time i go to silver snails. i did more online research and apparently, a lot more past silver snail fans are giving up on the store. not all staff are bad. i must have had better luck the last time because they were really helpful. then again, it was also dead that day. this time, i felt most were just all really pretentious and snobby. as were what most people said from online reviews.

how sad. luckily, some other comic stores are still around from my university days. apparently, the prices are better as well. i suppose silver snails has become an icon of the city – and therefore more of a tourist trap. so it does not surprise me that they have some of the higher costs in the city.

we went to mr. green jeans again for dinner (where we did get amazing customer service) and then headed home where we made a stop at DQ. a favourite place for grandparents to treat their grandkid!


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