hello 5 lbs

uh oh. i think all these summer ice cream, beer and bbq is starting to catch up on me.

i still fit my clothes fine. but there’s just parts of me that feel… squishy. and my face looks a little fuller. that’s always been a sure sign that i’ve gained weight – my face. i would guess that i’ve put on 5 lbs.

it’s time to be a little better at my eating habits. i eat a lot of healthy foods. the problem is that i’ve been eating a lot of unhealthy foods too.

but lets be realistic. summer is the time for food. and i’m not going to deprive myself. i think my weekends can be left for the indulgence that can only define summer weekends.

during the week however, here are my adjustments:

  • bye-bye cream – move over for soy: luckily, starbucks offers soy milk for coffee. and i’ve tried it at home – tastes great! i’ll even switch over to soy at home on weekends. and i’ve already been cutting back on my sugar in-take for my coffee and tea.
  • a co-worker is very generous with passing out gourmet cookies. i’m going to have to limit myself to just one of these, once a week.
  • salads – big salads – as dinner sometimes. we do have veggies with our meals but once or twice a week, it doesn’t hurt to dine just one a nice, big salad. i’m also bad at being lazy when it’s just chaeli and i – sometimes we’ll opt for fast food but luckily, most of those places have amazing grilled chicken salad varieties.
  • 2-3 times a week, i’m going to have hard boiled or scrambled egg (no oil) with a whole-wheat or multi-grain english muffin for breakfast. i’m not afraid of the fat/cholesterol… but the protein will help. i may, the night before, chop up some tomato and bell peppers and mix it in (co-workers showed me the perfect setting for the microwave). the trick might be to also omit the butter which i like on any of my english muffin.
  • and i need to get back to a light and healthy snack between dinner and bed (it helps the metabolism – the trick is to make sure protein is involved).

i really just have to do this until mid-august when we have our camping trip. just to trim down a bit. i don’t think doing this for a few weeks will be too hard – if anything, it might instill back some healthy habits!

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