summer 2013 – thus far

  • it’s been incredibly hot these past couple of days. yesterday, it reached 43°C with the humidex. today, it’s suppose to feel like 45°C. though rain is coming our way – and while we’ve had our share of rain in spring and beginning of summer, it’s still something we welcome as we’re hoping it will cool down just in time for a beautiful weekend.
  • chaeli is now back from her 12 days in thunder bay and i am so glad she is back home. i missed her like crazy for those near two weeks. not to mention a mother’s worry is gut-wrenching at times. it was like a blanket of anxiety hovering over me for the first week. by the 2nd week, it lightened a bit, but only because i knew doug would be up there with her for the remaining 3 days.
  • she’s now taking a digital movie production camp and is right into it. this is a new camp we’re trying out and by the end of the week, if she loves it enough, i’ll be sure to sign her up for another theme next year run by the same instructors. one of the weeks calls for digital comic books – and as she’s now right into reading comics (thank you, teen titans), she’s already looking forward to this digi comic camp next summer.
  • i may sound too hardcore but trust me – for those who have kids in a very academic school, you’ll understand why i am doing this. at the end of the school year, the teachers created 4 little booklets of worksheets – mathematical review, division, grammar review and reading & writing summer projects. they are not a lot and she’ll have the last two weeks of summer to do little review – if anything at all. but for the middle of the summer, i have divided up the work so that she can do just a few pages a day, monday to thursday. she won’t need more than 30 minutes each time and it’s more just to keep her practicing so that she will have a smoother start in grade 4. so far, she’s having a good time doing this. at the same time, she still has a lot of free time each night. at first, doug thought i was crazy… as i’m sure his parents think i am as i saw the look my FIL was giving me as i explained to my mom my summer plans for chaeli. but after he saw how painless it was for her – and how quick – he realized it was not a big deal.
  • work is pretty crazy. and pretty stupid. i am involved in a project that is very frustrating at the moment because no one is telling me what my role is. it’s very vague and i’m being left out in important discussions and planning. in fact, i’m not sure if they’ve factor in time for my role. i stress they will come to me and say, “tomorrow’s the launch date – we need this, this and that from you by end of today.” i know my end will require a month’s work but i know i won’t get more then a couple of days, if even that. i have a week off for camping in the middle of august and i have a feeling i may be asked to postpone my vacation. i haven’t told this to doug yet – i know he won’t be happy.
  • our summer is going by fast. we have only a handful of weekends left (less if you count only the ones where doug isn’t working (3 of them left). and most of our weekends are booked already. it’s always the case with summer time.

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