japanese tapas, $8 manicures and hobbes’ heaven

friday night

we went to oakville after work to meet up with ada/hoa for some authentic japanese bar food. the place is called fin izakaya. with two pitchers of sapporo, we went nuts over their tapas. including a round of in-season fresh oysters, items from their daily special such as this tuna and salmon, lightly torched sashmi and 1/2 body, sea bream sashimi, our dinner looked basically like this:

Octopus Wasabi Ceviche
– octopus, shrimp and scallop mixed with vegetable and wasabi sauce

Spicy Yukke
– tuna toro sashimi with salted sesame dipping oil

Blowtorched Mackerel
– vinegar-pickled mackerel with ponzu sauce

Kaki Fry & Taro chips
– deep fried oyster served with a sesame sauce

Fin’s Shrimp Rock
– deep fried prawns tempura with a spicy sauce

Takoyaki Octopus Ball
– crispy octopus balls with dancing bonito flakes

Barbeque Oyster
– white charcoal from japan grilled oyster with a garlic soy sauce

Pork Rib Kakuni
– slow-braised and white charcoal grilled pork rib

Eggplants with Dengaku Miso
– eggplants covered with sweet miso mustard sauce

afterwards, we took to the green bean across the street, where a live jazz band was playing under the stars, for some dessert and coffee – i ordered a delicious chocolate lava cake and americano. but going home, i wondered if i should have gotten a lemon gelato. hoa ordered a pistachio gelato and just a small spoonful proved to me how very smooth it was.

before heading home, we walked up and down the busy street which was filled with people of all ages, strolling with their family, friends or significant others, talking and working off a bit of our full tummies.


i was planning on attending an 8:30am les mills bodyflow class but when i woke up, i felt my body telling me to give it a break. after a pretty intense start to my workout schedule this week which didn’t let up for the rest of the week, it all sort of just caught up to me. so, instead, i stayed home and did a gentle vinyasa flow which stretched and lengthened my body. always a pampering way to end the workout week.

around noon, i met up with my good friend, B,at 3030 dundas west for some yummy brunch (which included mimosa’s but of course). the chef was trinidadian and had created a menu which infused some traditional dishes from his home country into your typical brunch fare. in light of his, i just had to order the oxtail and goat cheese omellete with a side of parsley potatoes – it came with a mixed green salad and grilled asparagus. heaven!

before our manicure appointment at lucy nails, we stopped at crema‘s for an americano to go. damn fine americano. strong and aromatic just the way i like it – and the way an americano should be! i only wished i had room for dessert because they had this pecan nut and sweet potato muffin. next time!

the manicure itself was always good. i got some waxing done as well for my eyebrows and upper lip. but the manicure can’t be beat. good quality work for only $8. how can you go wrong with that?

i came home (commuted by the transit today) and found myself completely beat. i went to bed where hobbes and i ended up napping for a good part of the afternoon.

when i woke up, i took him to the dog park where he played a bit with some furry-pawed friends


we headed to cherry beach’s dog park before the rain was suppose to hit us. doug was coming off shift and went to the beach for a run. hobbes and i joined him – we first arrived early to go for our own walk and then doug joined us for the last 20 minutes as his cool down.

we were going to go for vietnamese sandwiches, which would have been a cheaper choice. but decided, last minute, to hit the rawlicious joint north of where we live for lunch:

Nori Rolls
– alfalfa sprouts, marinated mushrooms, avocado & fresh vegetables
Pad Thai
– zucchini & kelp noodles, shredded romaine lettuce, carrots & bell peppers mixed in a tangy Thai sauce topped with green onions & crumbled cashews
doug ordered a rooibus chai tea and i had a pressed french coffee – the waitress brought over agave syrup and almond milk for my coffee. heaven!
we also ordered the following to go (as a dessert):

– nutmilk, banana, cacao, agave & peppermint

Oreo Cookie Crunch
– almond milk, vanilla cardamom ice cream, cacao nibs, agave

we’ve just come home from grocery shopping. doug and hobbes are napping on the couch and i’ll probably catch some z’s, too. as for tonight’s dinner – tilapia fish tacos. and gin & tonic, of course.


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