hiking the bruce trail & ray lowes side trail

doug and i got a chance to have a long date yesterday. thanks to the weather, it worked out perfectly!

i started the day with an early 7:30 am workout (p90x chest/delts/triceps) while waiting for doug to come home from his shift. hobbes was anxious – he came down to the basement and whimpered/waited at our underground parking entrance several times in hopes doug would be home any minute. poor dog – he had to wait 50 minutes until that door finally opened!

after a quick, light breakfast, we went to our gym for an hour cardio with a nice ten minute cool-down. it was so nice to do a longer session.

by then, i had worked out for a total of 2 hours combined. but it didn’t end there. after lunch, we drove out to hamilton and hiked along the bruce trail which lead us to the ray lowers side trail.

lower borer's falls - ray lowes side trail

lower borer’s falls

in approximately 1 hr and 22 min., we covered 4.5 km. the upper part of the trail was easy as it took us out to a beautiful lookout point of the lower borers falls. along the way, we actually were able to taste some of the saskatoon berries – though not a lot were ripe yet.

the lower part of the trail is where the workout began. i would say the level of difficulty was more around the 2 out of 5 level, though. while the steep parts were quite challenging both ascending and descending, they did not cover a large portion of the trail. still, it was the right amount to get our hearts going and our legs a push.

as a reward, we had a homemade raspberry jam empire cookie and butter tart when we got back to the car – both bought at a farmer’s market store along the way. we also bought a strawberry custard pie and pint of strawberries for home. the pie did not disappoint!


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